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Breast Pump for Growth -- Effective or Damaging?

Hi, and thanks so much for taking the time to read my question.

About a month ago, I purchased a Noogleberry Breast Pump. This pump is different from the type used to pump milk--this is a pump designed only for growth over time through the use of suction. The pump consists of two large plastic domes, which are each placed on top of the entire circumference of each breast. The breasts are then suctioned at a medium to intense steady rate for a recommended one to two hours or more (by way of an attached hand pump which locks in the pressure). The idea is that when this suction is done each day, the skin will stretch and the suction will cause a swelling in the breasts. This swelling goes down, but over time, the breasts are supposed to retain more and more growth from the stretching and swelling, and in about a year, the growth effects are supposed to become permanent.

I tried the pump as directed for about a week, but began to see faint stretchmarks on my breasts. This was enough to scare me away from using it again, and now the stretch marks have pretty much gone away, but I am still wanting to try it again, perhaps at a lesser level of suction. My question is, will the continued pressure and suction cause undue damage to the breasts, or AGE the breast skin? Do you think this type of consistent swelling and stretching can actually cause an increase in breast tissue over time, or do you think that this will instead cause the breasts to age, sag develop stretchmarks, or sustain damage, etc?

There is a forum full of women who swear by the enlarging effects of the Noogleberry, but I want to make sure I'm not just aging my breasts. The pumps suck the breasts straight out perpendicular to the chest, but I am worried that it perhaps is mimicking the "pulling" effect of gravity to a heightened degree, therefore aging them?

Noogleberry Site:

Thanks SO much for any help, information, opinions, etc!!!

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A whole forum of endorsements can actually be written by one paid copywriter, you know.  I would check with your doctor or nurse practitioner to find out if stretching the skin of the breasts is permanent.  My guess is that if it does anything, it would cause sagging.
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Oh, I should also mention that I am 25 years old, with a chest size of 38C to begin with which does not sag, if this helps.
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