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Breast feels like fluid filled

Hello, i am 27 years old, i have had a 3 months abortion 3 years ago and since then i feel like my areolas are sometimes puffy when i squeeze breast. When i wear tight bras and take them off later, my areolas become puffy. When i squeeze my right breast i get puffy areola and feels like i can change the form of the breast if i push from one side. I put my hand over my head and massaged the upper side of the areola, then i looked at my breast and saw a small bulge on the opposite site of the breast. So i feel like my breast(right side) is like fluid filled that i can squeeze and my breast will change shape. I have pcos and if i squeeze my nipple tightly i get somehow a slightly yellowish fluid coming out of nipple. I cant feel a hard lump.
Thank you for ur help
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Hi!  Any time you feel a lump, it is best to get checked out by a doctor.  I can't really see how this would be in any relation to an abortion three years ago other than perhaps your hormones shifted at that time.  Since giving birth and breast feeding even though it was eons ago, my breasts are very different now.  PCOS has many things involved and hormone shifts are part of that. There is a link between PCOS and fibrocystic breast disease. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/fibrocystic-breasts/symptoms-causes/syc-20350438  Here are some symptoms:
    Breast lumps or areas of thickening that tend to blend into the surrounding breast tissue
    Generalized breast pain or tenderness
    Breast lumps that fluctuate in size with the menstrual cycle
    Green or dark brown nonbloody nipple discharge that tends to leak without pressure or squeezing
    Breast changes that are similar in both breasts
    Monthly increase in breast pain or lumpiness from midcycle (ovulation) to just before your period

And this is what they see under a microscope: When examined under a microscope, fibrocystic breast tissue includes distinct components such as:

    Fluid-filled round or oval sacs (cysts)
    A prominence of scar-like fibrous tissue (fibrosis)
    Overgrowth of cells (hyperplasia) lining the milk ducts or milk-producing tissues (lobules) of the breast
    Enlarged breast lobules (adenosis)

When is the last time you saw your ob/gyn?

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Thank you for your detailed response, I dont have any symptom of the ones you listed, my right breast mostly changes in shape when i squeeze. I am also starting to think that's something related to my menstrual cycle since ill get my period in 3 days. Maybe this thing happens to my breast mostly when i approach my period. I should consider that next months to see if same thing happens during that time.
Yes, definitely likely related to your period then.  And if you have pcos, that would really make sense.  Try to keep a little log and I'd see your doctor to discuss it.  Keep us in the loop, I'll be following this.  Oh, and I had discharge from my nipples due to a hormonal imbalance in my 20's.  I'd be curious what your hormones are doing and blood work would reveal that.
Thank you i really feel a little relief from ur reply. Ill make a little log to track this point. But most probably i think it's happening everytime i approach my period.  Thank you
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I can't tell from what you are describing if this is just water retention or something else. Have you ever had a mammogram? I'd talk to the ob/gyn and see what he or she suggests.
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Thank you for your reply. I have never had a mammo I'm really afraid to go.
I would think at 27 you won't be offered a mammogram. They don't routinely do them until the woman gets of an age where they might be at risk of breast cancer, and you're too young. I was just wondering, since a doc could have possibly ordered one if puzzled by your symptoms.

You say you're "really afraid to go," do you mean you're afraid to go to the doctor, or afraid to get a mammogram? If you're saying you're afraid of getting a mammogram, don't bother to work yourself up over such a simple thing. They're annoying and they press your breast for a moment to get the best picture of the tissue, but they're not scary, and only squish you for a minute. A pelvic exam is more painful. Just make it a point to go for your mammogram after your period, not right before the next one. :-)

If you're saying you are afraid of what might be found out from a doctor or a mammogram, all I can say is, never put off getting medical advice out of fear, avoidance can make things worse.

I see you and specialmom have discussed a few lines of logical inquiry. It sounds like you two have thought of the best direction to go when you talk to your doctor. Good luck!
Hello, thank you for your response. I am afraid to go to the doctor honestly, afraid of the result, although I think that might not be a big thing. I'll try to go once the lockdown i over maybe.
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