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Brown Discharge a Month after having Sex

About five days ago I started experiencing brown discharge. Most of it clumps and the rest gives off a balsamic vinegar look. It's not a lot, but it's obviously noticeable to me. I last had sex a month ago and got my period a week  and a half after that, like I was supposed to. I noticed that my blood was darker than normal but was still able to fill pads and tampons. The three days leading up to the bleed I noticed that I was two hours late in taking my birth control, that I almost always take on time everyday. I don't have any unusual symptoms related to pregnancy, and although there was an odor the first three days it went away as soon as I started taking cranberry pills and increased my water intake. I'm really concerned. I don't know if it could be pregnancy, implantation bleeding, a UTI or breakthrough bleeding.
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You got your period after the last time you had sex, which is pretty good evidence you aren't pregnant. I've heard that bleeding from a UTI is bright red, but someone might write in and say that's not so. Implantation bleeding is pretty much an Internet myth...if it were to happen, it wouldn't be more than one little wisp of red blood, one time. It does sound like breakthrough bleeding:  against this possibility, be sure to use condoms as backup protection if you have sex this month. Also, call your ob/gyn and explain what happened. You might need to go on a pill with a slightly higher level of hormone so it won't happen again -- the Pill shouldn't be so touchy that taking it two hours late (even three days in a row) compromises its effectiveness.
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Regarding pregnancy, did you take a test once you saw the bleeding (though you had a period in the interim after the sex)? A (slight) possibility you didn't mention could be a miscarriage at an early, early stage of pregnancy, called a "chemical pregnancy." If you had a pregnancy that failed in the first few weeks, and if there is any tissue remaining in your uterus from it, you might get symptoms like this. If you keep bleeding, maybe your doc would want to order an ultrasound to check for this. But it's pretty rare. Usually if a person has a chemical pregnancy, it just flows out with the next period and that's that, no tissue is left.
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