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Candidas Glabrata Nightmare

I have had "Candidas Glabrata" for almost 6 months now. Non-stop discharge, red achy vagina etc...
I was only diagnosed by one doctor who looked under the microscope. The other doctor send a swab to the lab which came back negative for candidas. I don't know what to think or why my vagina has not healed or why I even have candidas.
I tested for hiv 2 months after my last partner and it was negative. The other tests were negative as well. I don't have diabetes  (got tested for that). And I don't have a bacterial infection.
I just want this to go away. Do any of you have advice?

I've tried terconazole, flucanazole, probiotics, tampons dipped in apple cider vinegar etc....
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Ruby it sounds like we have the same issue. I've tried everything yogurt acidophilus yeast cleanse antibiotics apple cider vinegar. Have you been given any meds by your doctor for c glabrata?
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I was given teraconazole and other azole meds. How were you diagnosed?
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So lab swab tests don't really pick up c glabrata?
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hopefuly u figured it out by now the negative swab seems strange although specific serious candidas can only be tested for in 2 labs in usa......stop with the presacriptions and use the good ol fashioned over the counter 7 day treatment but buy 2-3 boxes just incase if u don't notice immediate relief from over the counter stuff I am confused but u have to use it every day for 7-14 days most likely u will need 2 boxes if u had it that long but I do know ppl with regular yeast infections that did not go away w fluconazole or ne scripts infact theyd make them worse and those ppl would only see relief from over the counter topical insertion brands.
also could be an internal overgrowth of yeast causing outer overgrowths of yeast when its internal its hell to heal and years of special diet sometimes to no avail and only some relief  C.Parapsilosis could be the cause of unusal infections or unusual reoccurring infections anywhere on or in the body has been found in lungs and ears of patients
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