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Chest discomfort, pain in left arm

Hi, I am a seventeen year old girl and for the past couple of weeks I've been experiencing chest discomfort, and a pain in my left arm that ranges from dull to sharp. The pain and discomfort also comes and goes. I have also been belching a lot lately (normally, i hardly ever do). The pain and discomfort get worse when I eat. I thought it could have been heartburn, but I don't see how that would explain the pain in my arm. As of yesterday, i also discovered that i had a pain in my left armpit. Like, a bruising pain. I have been to the emergency room two times in the last few weeks. ECG, blood pressure, lungs, all fine. They told me it was anxiety. But, a year ago i was diagnosed with anxiety and put on meds for it. This doesn't feel like anxiety. Can anyone help me?
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Unfortunately anxiety can and often does cause these kinds of symptoms. If you are still on meds then you might need to see your doctor about these episodes.

Please try not to worry. You have been checked out and you are fine. You are so young and need to enjoy your time here.

Take care.
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Hi,my names Nicole and I am 20 years old. This could be anxiety--I am actually having the same symptoms. I have been having tightness on the left side of my cheast, and pain/heaviness in my left arm. It is very uncomfortable and makes me worried that I will/am having a mini heart attack. I also have had anxiety for a long time though, and for the past half of year have been through some really high extreme stress. I never had pain like this until I went through that stress, so I am thinking that it is just anxiety. Honestly, supplements will be your best bet to help you to feel better. If it is anxiety related, you are probably having pain, because due to your anxiety your body is probably wiped out of the proper nutrients that it needs. Therefore, you might end up with pain in certain areas of your body (it is almost like your body is aching for these nutrients). I would suggest taking BlueBonnet Liquid Calcium/Magnsium Supplement--the magnesium is great for stress and will calm you instantly--also tastes great and the liquid form works in your body instantly! Also, I would suggest an Adrenal Support to help repair your body, and to help your body to deal with any anxiety that you will go through through out life (unfortunately we cannot avoid stress/anxiety in everyday life, so we must guard our body with supplements and meditation techniques in order to cope with these stressors). Also, you could take fish oil and coq10 to help your heart and body to deal with the stress. All of these supplements will help to guard your body, and hopefully eliminate any of the pain you are having. Lastly, for an everyday anxiety relaxant, mix 1 packet of green tea with hot water, 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar, and some honey. My fiance came up with this drink--it is delicious and will really help cure your body of the anxiety! Take it with you if you are going somewhere where you know you will be anxious and drink it in a coffee mug, or any to go cup. This hopefully will really help you! Good luck to you and hope you are doing much better!
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