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Constant burning with urination...allergic reaction?

I'll try to keep this short.  Okay, very stupidly a month ago I used undiluted tea tree oil on my bikini line for a bad reaction to a wax.  It helped so much, I started using it on my bum for piles.  It started, on reflection, to give me burning because I thought I had a uti.  28 days ago I had a sexual encounter with a man that has asymptomatic type 2 herpes.  (I didn't know at the time and he got tested after we were together). Two days after that...like a total moron, I douched with hydrogen peroxide and tea tree oil.  So...no bumps or fevers, but I have severe burning when I pee...and benedryl was helping but I was getting dizzy taking so much.  Warm rinses is helping a lot.  I have no uti...but I suspect I severely chemically burned my vagina both on the vulva and urethra.  I'm also fearing herpes could be causing my swollen lymph nodes in my pelvis...that could be the burn from the oil.  I'm so uncomfortable all the time.  And, I'm scared.  Redness off and on....  I'm just so stressed and the burning can be bad after I urinate.  Creams of any kind make it worse.  Only oatmeal and baking soda baths help.  

I'm frustrated and hurting...can anyone shed some light whatsoever?  I've had a pelvic exam and have to wait two months more to know if I have been exposed to herpes.  

Thanks you so much any feedback on chemical burns or herpes or anything would help.
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Hi there.   This is a prolapse forum.   You may wish to post your question in another forum.   Thank you
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