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Could I have endometriosis?

I've been having pelvic pain before and after my period. I also feel nauseous and have been dealing with a sore  hip. Ive had tingling/pressure in my leg for years/ the same side as my sore hip. My leg feels worse around my period. I had an ultrasound and pelvic exam a few years ago and everything came back normal. My periods are regular. My doctor at the time said that I might have endometriosis and wanted to know if I wanted to have surgery to check. She recommended birth control for the pelvic pain but  I never took birth control. im planning to make a appt soon. Do my symptoms sound like endometriosis?
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It sounds like it could also be pelvic congestion syndrome which is vascular. See an interventional radiologist as they specialize in diagnosing and treating pelvic congestion syndrome. Don’t rely on a gynecologist to help with that. Definitely have the laparoscopic procedure done as it’s very possible you could have endo and I had it myself and didn’t know for 17 years.
Also find a urogynecologist and start pelvic floor therapy as you have pelvic floor dysfunction and pain and it will greatly help improve pain and symptoms.
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Hi.  Well, it certainly could be.  Sorry you are having the discomfort.  Being a woman is hard!  I do think that birth control solves a lot of monthly issues like the cramping, moodiness, etc.  So, that may be something you want to revisit.  Here's some information about it https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/endometriosis/symptoms-causes/syc-20354656  Since your doctor didn't diagnose you but said it was a possibility and you are still having issues and it is worse, it would make sense to find out if you really have it.  I would.  I don't think you'd actually need surgery to have it diagnosed.  They do ultrasounds now and MRI's that can give a good idea.  So, talk about the ways they diagnose with your doctor.  I can see wanting to avoid surgery.  How old are you by the way?
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Im 31. My leg issue has been going for a while and no one knows why I have this issue. im supposed to have an mri on my back but I'm pretty sure my issue is because of my pelvic pain and that I might have endometriosis.

My doctor at the time said i had to have surgery to check..didn't mention an MRI. I did have an ultrasound 2 years ago and they didn't see anything.
Generally speaking, endometriosis is found by the kind of surgery where they put a fiber-optic tube into a tiny incision near your navel, and take a look. It can be tiny little dots on the tissues, not big scar-tissue looking things that might be seen with imaging. If the doc proposes doing a laparoscopy to look and see if you have it, I sure wouldn't hesitate, you've been dealing with this issue long enough.
Well this was 2 years ago and my ob/gyn is no longer at the office I go to. I'm supposed to get a new ob/gyn so maybe my new doctor will have a different opinion. My old doc just said that I could have it and if I wanted to check I would need surgery but asked did I want to use birth control for the pain. I never tried the BC so I'm not sure if it will help my symptoms

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