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Discharge in early pregnancy?

Ok so ive read a lot about in early pregnancy you can have an increase in vaginal discharge. My fiance and i have been trying just over a year now for a baby. I was due for my period 2 days ago, and mine is like clockwork, never late, never early, every 26 days. Yesterday i had a few sharp pains in my lower right side but nothing like what my menstrual cramps are. They werent cramps it was just a sharp pain and it only happened a few times. Again today it happened but again nothing like menstrual cramps. My question is about discharge though. I track my cervical fluid every month as well as my temperatures so i know wen im ovulating. I already ovulated this month obviously and every month before my period i have very thick creamy discharge but its never a lot. Yesterday and today though i am having a HUGE amount of eggwhite cervical fluid and this has necer happened except for when im ovulating and i obviously wouldnt be ovulating now. So im very confused as i said i never have eggwhite at this point and i always have my period by this point. Its A LOT, i keep changing my underwear cause its all over. Yes i do know the only way to know if im pregnant is to test so please i dont need smartas s remarks that some people have, im not stupid i know i have to test. My question is not f im pregnant my question is has anyone had eggwhite cervical fluid before they found out they were pregnant or has anyone had eggwhite cervical fluid in early/any time of pregnany? Thanks for ur answers in adavnce
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Hi.  Well, I don't recall any significant issues with discharge that you describe.  I'd put on a pad and take that test.  Are you just trying to figure out if this discharge is normal?  I'd say probably not as again, three pregnancies that I had, never had that.   When you are having to change underwear because there is so much of that, that is outside of normal for sure.  

Please do not become hostile and call names if this isn't the answer you desire.  good luck
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BTW, if you've been trying to conceive, I hope this month you are successful and pregnancy has happened.  Good luck to you.  
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Unfortunately i have gotten my period. Apparently the cervical fluid just dicided to be stupid and lead me to the wrong conclusion this month.

1 year 1 month as of May 18th of trying :'( <\3
Wish us luck as its starting to break our hearts at this point. Thanks for inputs as well.
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