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Discharge post cauterisation for cervical ectropion?

Almost two weeks ago, a gynaecologist diagnosed me with cervical ectropion. I have had some post-cotial bleeding and yellowy mucus like discharge. She used silver nitrate sticks and burnt of the cells. I went home with bad cramping and woke up the next day to heavy bleeding and clots which lasted 3 days. I have not experienced pain or bleeding since. However, I am still experiencing the same yellowy mucus discharge as before the cauterisation, even more so now. Do I expect this to go away in the next couple of weeks or is this a sign of an infection or that it didn't work? I haven't used any tampons or had a bath and I am on the pill.
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You should check in with your doctor, but to me it sounds like the yellowish discharge might have some other cause besides the cervical ectropion.
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Thanks for your reply! I've been tested for STDs, BV/Trich and thrush so can rule those out. Will see my doctor next week and see what she says.
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