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Ectopic pregnancy

I was in the middle of changing birth controls, and I had taken the plan b pill as a precautionary measure. Three weeks later my period seemed intensified.
I meant to ask a question while I was confused and in pain during this ordeal but instead I read everyone else's question and answers and I found I wasn't alone.  
I am so thankful to the people on here who shared their stories.  I found answers here, not from my doctor, not from a specialist, not from my ER visit.  So THANK You!

I too went undiagnosed for some time before they figured out I had an ectopic pregnancy.  At first I thought my period was heavier and more painful than normal and I dismissed it.  After a few days the pain subsided.  Then I had pain during intercourse which has never ever happened, it felt like a jab on my riight side, or like a cut, it didn't feel right.  Then I started bleeding a day later again.  So I made my first appointment, where they should have given me a pregnancy test but they didn't.  It took more than a week to get an appt with a specialist, all the while I was bleeding off and on, pain off and on.  They then thought it was a cyst on my ovary, after the ultra sound. it was missed yet again when I was in excruciating pain and felt weak to walk when I went to the emergency room.  I told the ER Doctor this isn't right, there is something really wrong, but he was insistent that I had a miscarriage, even though there was no sign of anything ever being in my uterus, his diagnosis was that I had a threatened miscarriage and a cyst on my ovary, he sent me home.
I finally was somewhat diagnosed as having an ectopic pregnancy, a few days after leaving the ER. the doctor, a different doctor, specialist,  said he couldn't say for sure but it all pints to that, since my hcg levels were 6000 and then dropped to 4800 over the weekend, he still thought it necessary to give  me a shot of methotrexate.  
After given the ****, I bled less for a few days and lighters not color, more like pink.  Then about a week later I experienced excruciating pain, I got light headed, white face, I could barely walk, walking to the bathroom each time I had to hold onto the walls.  It was terrible! I took a hydrcodone and this didn't help., I could Not get comfortable, I was exhausted.  It started at night and I could not sleep, it was too painful.  I took a hot bath, took another pain med. I could still feel the pain on my ride side, and lower back and right hip area, I thought for sure I would have to call 911. I thought for sure this was the tube rupturing. The only reason I waited it out was because this started at 10pm, and my son was sleeping, and I was home alone with him and it continued until 530am.  I searched online and read this forum, other women's questions and answers helped me realize I wasn't alone and I had to get through the night. It was the worst pain I've ever experienced.  The doctor never prepared me for this. This was worse than child birth, I wanted to scream out in pain, or pass out. All I could do was toss and turn trying to find a comfortable position. I went to the doctor the next day where he checked and said he could feel the cyst and saw the mass from the ectopic, there wasn't anything else he could do.  I didn't have blood in pelvis, so that was a good sign my tube hadn't ruptured.  He checked my hcg levels and they were dropping.  
I stayed home from work, but I really should have stayed home for a couple to a few days and rested.  This happened one more time a week later, it was awful! This time I stayed home from work for 3 days and I took it easy, I rested, I wasn't on my feet too much.  
After the metrotrexate shot my bleeding at first lessened, to increased and darkened, dark small clots., and bright red color., this blood was and is still very different than period blood.
10 days have gone by since I've had to take a pain pill.  It's been a month since I was given the shot.  I can still feel something" on my right side, where they saw the mass/cyst/ectopic.  It's just a noticeable feeling of something but not painful.  
What's strange, is that a year ago I had a sensation on my right side, like pulsating/throbbing feeling. My periods were normal, and no pain.  I went to the doctor and they said I was completely fine, no cysts everything looked good.  
Kinda weird to me that a year later I have a cyst and expctooic pregnancy on my right side.
I am continuing to have my hcg levels checked weekly and they are still dropping. I am still bleeding a good amount,and tire easily.
I recommend anyone having these symptoms to advocate for themselves, to be properly diagnosed.  To give yourself the rest that your body deserves.  It's really important to rest during this time.  
I hope everything goes well at my check up, I hope my body recovers well from this.  
I feel bad for messing with birth controls and taking plan b, I should have been more responsible and this could have been prevented. I also feel sad about this loss even though it wasn't planned or wanted.
I am grateful to be alive today.  

Thank you all for sharing your stories.
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