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Female O Shot

Anyone have experience with the O shot or laser treatment like Mona Lisa. We’re in our 70s and girlfriend is running out of gas. Thanks
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You're saying your partner is not as aroused by sex with you as you want her to be? There is no medical evidence that the O shot does much for women sexually. And I think the Mona Lisa laser treatment is more for women who have scarring in the vaginal area; i.e., to repair a medical issue, not to improve sexual response.

How has your partner responded to you implying that she could use a medical procedure so she will be more excited about sex? I heard a woman speaker give a speech about sexuality to a female audience, and it had a moment that made the whole audience laugh. She was answering a question about lack of enthusiasm or arousal in the bedroom, and she said, "It sounds like there is nothing wrong with you that a new partner wouldn't solve." Be sure, if you suggest to your girlfriend that you think she is running out of gas sexually and that it's probably so much her fault that she should get medical help, that you find a better way to say it than that. Tread lightly. You don't want her to come back with the news that you aren't an inspiring lover.
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Thanks Anny. I made a comment to her that she needs a tune up and she agreed. Sex
is painful for her and takes lots of lube and time and patience just to get it in. She pretty much knows something is not right. But I’m kinda big and that don’t help matters either.
We talking about bioidentical hormones and O shot. Lots of info about O shot but who knows till you try it. Maybe works for some but not for others. Not sure when this will take place. She want to wait till warmer weather. 30 below here yesterday morning. But will let you know if we get started.
Thanks Annie
I'd suggest the hormones sooner than the O shot. She should ask around to find a good doctor who understands hormones, though. Not all of them do. Good luck!
Some of the naturopathic doctors are better with knowledge of hormones than regular ob/gyns. Or try an endocrinologist.
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