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Getting pregnant

My boyfriend and I recently decided that we wanted to have a baby.  I stopped taking my birth control after I finished my last back.  Since then we have been having unprotected sex on a regular basis to try and get pregnant.  I was just wondering how long I have to wait to take a pregnancy test.  I know everyone says wait until you know you're supposed to have your period and you miss it and then take a test, but that's kind of a long time to be left in the dark.  Is there anyway I could take a test the week after we had sex?  
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Unfortunately it takes at LEAST 10 days to show up (like lucyz said) and women all across the world can relate to your frustration at the "two week wait" (the average time it takes from conception/ovulation to getting a positive result) but there's really no way to avoid it. You CAN test as early as 10days post ovulation (4 days before your expected period) with certain tests, I recommend First Response Early Result, and POSSIBLY get a result. But you really won't know until your period is late because if you test early and get a positive there's still a chance of chemical pregnancy (where the egg and sperm meet, but the embryo does not implant and your period occurs like normal, voiding the pregnancy). So...best bet is to wait, sorry!!! I've been there and waited like you so I know how much it stinks....14 days post ovulation will be here before you know it though :) Good luck!!!
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they say that after 10 days of your conceiving should show on pregnacy test
so is apt to you
spend the money or not
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