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Implantation bleeding?

I don't know whats going on with my body. As you all know i had a bladder infection and i was freaking out about it alot. Before i got treated for it i was experiencing some brown spotting which i thought was from using an monistat applicator the wrong way. While i was taking the antibiotics for the bladder infection, the spotting stopped. Last night i wiped and there was blood on the tissue and now when i wipe its brown stuff. I took a pregnancy test about 20 days and it was negative. I haven't had sex since before March 17th. I am on the pill. During that time i had took my pill everyday and my boyfriend used condoms but he did insert his penis for a second or two without a condom. How long does implantation bleeding last and what does it look like. Does what i describe sound like implantation bleeding or regular spotting due to the pill? ( I do skip my perid alot by keep taking the active pill and my doc said it was fine as long as i have four periods a year) When i got a urine test for the bladder infection would they be able to tell if i was pregnant or not? Thanks
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When was your last period due?  You might think about taking
another HPT test since it's been so long since the last one.  No, the urine test the doctor/GYN uses to test for a bladder
infection is different than the pregnancy urine test.  Since
it's been a long time (I assume) between periods, you might
get a pregnancy blood test done.  The blood test is more
accurate than a HPT.  Good luck!
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