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Is my vagina normal?

Recently I been having some pain in my vagina specifically in the clit. I looked at a diagram of what a vagina should look like versus mine and it was completely different. The clit was in the right spot but I couldn't even see any sign of a urethra, but I thought that was just because it's small. But then just to check while i peed and the pee is coming out of my vagina as it appears. Also unlike the diagram by vagina is only a very small hole at the bottom of the hole area rather than the giant gaping hole shown in the diagram that covered most of the area. IDK if it's cause i'm still a vergin but the space where the diagram has a hole I have skin, and not even thin skin like a hymen think hard skin. IDK id this is related to the pain or theres nothing wrong with me at all but I'm really confused.
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