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Lump on vagina

I've been to a doctor before about bumps that I occasionally get down there (as well as my armpits). It's some kind of condition, I forgot what it's called. Recently I just noticed this lump that underneath the skin down there. I don't know if it's a bump underneath that'll just go down on it's on or if it's something I need to be worried about. I'm a little scared because I haven't gotten one like this before. I'm not sexually active so it isn't an STD. The lump is right at the top of my inner thigh. It feels like it's right next to the bone. It's where my privates and my inner thigh kind of meet. That's where the lump is.
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m not sure exactly if ur meanin a bump like abcessed or lump like a knot... kinda sounds like your lymphnode too.. in between crease that swollen... or absess. U prolly know difference however both be tender. I occasionally will get razor bumps that turn into a bigger bump...might sound nasty but sharin my experience...hair stuck in so have to did out wit tweezer or will become infected. Another time a small bump appeared..really small at panty line(above pubichair where pants would rub it)...eventually with friction..sweat..became dime size..when went for physical i had the dr lance it(numbed without needle and slice..pus fly)...so again not sure wat ur talkin bout.. id say first several times a day while home...get really hot (not scorch skin of course) rag and soak and apply..repeat couple times...and to save so many trips to bathroomm..get bowl n sit beside .or hold rag in fist tight so dont get cold by time get to where ull b sittin..this would bring out pus if there... before gets too big. I dont wana scare u... jus saying if that wat u think may be..... definitely keep eye on..log wat day began... and make sure gettin smaller not bigger...idk if any help..if so feel free ask ne thing...if im way off...maybe soneone else readin will benefit.
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It could just be an ingrown hair too
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It's more of a knot on my pantyline. It's not sore and it moves a little when I push on it. It's also not squishy like a boil would be.I don't know when it got there because I only noticed it last night.
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