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My wife has been having pain near her breasts, what could it be?

Hi everyone,

My wife has been having a pain near her right, lower breast. She said it feels like a "bruise", but nothing has bruised her. Because of the fear of breast cancer, we went to the urgent care for a breast exam, and they did not feel any lumps or anything to be concerned about.

The pain can be felt upon touching the area. I tracked the pain by feeling where it hurt, and I finally drew a circle of where it hurts her. It typically only hurts her when she moves, not when she is laying down, sitting, or is still.

I asked her to describe the pain, and although it's in this one spot, she also had the pain on the top as well, but it seems to have moved.

Here is an image the shows where the pain is: http://imgur.com/a/CVHBh

She is seeing her OBGYN on the 11th, but I am worrying of course.

Could it be a breast issue, bone issue, nerve issue, or something else?

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hi, im tender breasts around my cycle sometimes and lumps too. best thing to do is get it checked out and try not to freak out in the mean time. Many ladies that have breast cancer dont have detectable lumps so its always a great idea to have mammograms annually and especially if you have cx aka cancer in the family. best of luck to you both. take some arnica cream or oil and rub gently on area  for pain relief and be careful of bras too, they can cause bruising and discomfort. peace
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