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No Labia Minora

I have seen many, many sites and questions from girls concerned with their inner labia being large. But i am the complete opposite i have looked for a pic of someone whose vagina looks like mine and still have not found one evry pc i see has the inner labia and with me i honestly dont have any. i dont mind how i look but its kinda disturbing that everyone else has them. i have seen some where they are small but mine are none existant. i guess i would lke to know what is the issue with me down there and if anyone can help me from feeling like im deformed cuz i honestly think i am.
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every vagina is different just like people look different.i don't think you are deformed and neither are the girls with larger labias.you don't have an issue down there no matter how big,small,or non-existant your labia is.
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funny you should mention this because I also have no inner labia, just the outer.  It honestly has never really bothered me and it hasn't bothered any of my sexual partners either.  It hasn't gotten in the way of childbirth or orgasm. Honestly, there is NO NORMAL human body.  We are all very different and unique.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise and don't let film or magazines dictate how YOU should be.
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Hi, I also thought that I was the only one out here missing an inner labia. I still feel like maybe I was born deformed or something. I'm sure it has a purpose for something. -- I never saw anyone else like myself before. I have all the other parts, just not the inner labia part. -- So hun, you are not alone, and now I don't feel so alone. -- also to
wolfwolfiepup- I'm glad to know you exist as well. :)
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maybe we should start our own group huh? lol I enjoy people very much and absolutely LOVE the differences in everyone.  What some people may feel is a deformity, I think how unique and different and you never  know what differences can present an opportunity. I absolutely HATE how society had made women feel that we should all look a certain way.  If that were the case what would make any of us special???? With age does come wisdom! We are all the way we were intended to be..be happy with that and if any one wants you to change....leave them behind cause you don't need that sort of person in your life anyway!!!!
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We should start our own group. :) lol  -- You are right about things -- Differences can present opportunities. - we all don't have to look alike. - When did you first notice that you didn't have one? I noticed it when I took sex-ed in highschool. - Not that I didn't take a look at myself before that. I just didn't have anything else to compare it with. lol.
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As a guy (if you dont mind the opinion from the opposite sex) I find nothing wrong with it, as the contrary I find that more attractive than large labia minora. I had a girlfriend who had no labia minora either (and it was the first time I saw a vagina  like that at the time) and I was very very attracted by that. It looks cleaner and tighter. I hope you are not uncomfortable with this comment. Just thought I should let you know that you shouldnt worry what guys or girls might think about it. They look very cute and not at all deformed.
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Hi there,
I thought I was the only one made this way for a long time. I noticed when I took sex ed that I was different. I have never had a problem with relationships or orgasms but, always felt insecure. It's something about being different than other women that makes it hard but there's no reason to feel bad about your body. We are all made differently. Don't worry about it...really. We should be thankful...women spend thousands of dollars to reduce theirs so they won't show.....Just something to think about!
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Hmmm well I am almost 39 now so maybe when I saw my first porno probably when I was about 20. In gym we never really loooked that closely at each other so it was definately after high school. lol
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Thank goodness I am not the only one!  I am 29 years old and actually just found out a couple years ago from my doctor of all people!!  Don't you know the first thing I thought was, "Why am I a freak? Why hasn't any past boyfriends, doctors, or even my current husband told me?"
I guess I never looked at myself or others and had no one to compare against.  I started comparing for sure when I got home!  Thank goodness for internet, because without it, I would continue thinking I was the only one!
So I'm not a freak, and neither is anyone else here.  And thanks to donnie6 for giving us a guy's perspective!
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HI there...i'm 50 yrs old this yr and i have no Labia either...and its never been a problem to me...i was married for 22yrs and my hubby never even noticed.....my current b/f did tho.....but its not a problem to him.....if you ask me it looks better.....i recently found out that my daughter whos 27 hasn't any either it must be hereditory....my daughters b/f didn't even notice either..it was only when he saw a program on the tv recently  that he commented on it...and he said to my daughter " Thank god you haven't got any of thos..they look like face huggers off an alien"...which i thought was funny!...i've never felt deformed...just different and theres nothing wrong with that.i wonder how many more of this elite group there are?.
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HI there..., Im 23 year old, from the middle east.. I just had an operation to trim my Labia minora .I used to have them very long and Dark!, and I expected to have them a bit shorter .. But after the operation I found out that its "totally not there any more" . I Was in a shock ! although I liked the new look of it , because it looked much younger and lighter but I was worried that It doesnt look normal so I kept calling Doctors all over the Country! ..asking IF I was normal !!!.. but then when I showed my boy-friend ,,,,he was VERY very happy .. because he thought labia's are'nt that sexy and they're not very important! I was releaved and happy but still inside me I keep thinking about it alot!!! but anyways  ... I think Im in this "no labia minora group :P " so "HALLALUYA"
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I have labia minora, but they are small and don't stick out.

Check out this website:

the-clitoris *******

There are tons of photos of the vagina.  Very interesting website.
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