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Ovarian Cysts in Elderly Patient - Gadolinium contrast with Pelvic MRI

My 89 year old mother had a pelvic CT scan at the ER after a fall  and  2 ovarian cysts 11x8, 8x4 cm were found. The large cyst is septated.  She has no symptoms. My mother has many allergies and there is an FDA advisory on this contrast agent. She has  seen her Primary doctor,but not a OBGYN.  Which doctor should determine if  the contrast is needed ?  Is this  contrast usually used and what is the risk/benefit?      
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The doctor doing the MRI will be able to advise you about this contrast agent in relation to her allergies.

Also, ask her ob/gyn (if she has one) how serious an ovarian cyst like hers is for someone her age, such as, would its removal be important and worth the risk to have an operation at age 89?
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