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Painful urination

It has been going on for 3 weeks. I am 36 yo female. Normal health. I noticed when I am about to finish peeing, I feel a dull ache/pull feeling near the right side of my urethra area. I also feel a twinge pain in my lower right abdomen after I pee. I don’t feel burning pain, no cloudy or smelly urine and no blood. Went to see my PCP and did a urine test and found white blood cells. So he prescribed me Cipro (stopped after 1 dose due to a reaction) and now on Bactrim (7/10 dose now). I feel like **** for the first three days and today feel more energy but the right side urethra urination pain is still here and feeling worse. Anyone experience this or have a clue what this is? Thanks!
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Hi!  Oh sweetie, that's a classic sign of a urinary tract infection!  So uncomfortable.  I would go ahead and call your doctor as you should be beginning to feel better.  They can also give you some tablets that help with that pain but I'd get checked again if you still are having painful urination after three or four days on antibiotics.  While you have to take the full course of pills you normally feel better within a day or two.  https://www.webmd.com/women/guide/your-guide-urinary-tract-infections#1
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Thanks! Just got switch to another antibiotic and waiting for it to do the trick.
There are pills they can give too that help with that burning pain.  They turn your urine bright orange but worth the relief.  Hopefully this antibiotic does the trick. Which one is it?
I don’t have burning pain. Just pain. It is Macrobid.
Well, ya.  I don't mean like burning searing pain, I just don't know exactly how to describe it. As the flow ends of urine, it hurts as it is expelled.  Hopefully the Macrobid does the trick!  Let us know!
Yes thats my pain!!!
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