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Postpartum tubal

Hello. My mom had gotten her tubes cut tied and burnt after she had my sister and about 6 years later she was pregnant with my brother. I was just wondering if that would increase my chances of pregnancy after my tubal 3 years ago? Is that kind of thing hereditary or run in family?
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Hi.  No, that is not hereditary.  A few women can get pregnant after a tubal but it is a very low percentage and it happens because A. the clip came loose if that was the method used in the tubal or B. they had scar tissue that grew in such a way it reformed the tube if it was cut as the method used for the tubal.  That's it.  It's pure luck or unluck, however you choose to look at it. Unfortunately, most women that DO get pregnant after tubal have a tubal pregnancy which is quite dangerous--  it's neither a viable pregnancy and can cause death to a woman if not found before it bursts.  So, if you skip a period or something like that, it's best to check down the road.  good luck
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