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Progressive swelling of lower abdomen, hips, front pubic region

Within the last 24 hours, I have developed a ring of swelling/jiggling on my lower abdomen, the front of my pelvis/pubic area, all the way around my hips and the top portion of my buttocks/lower back. It is very noticeable to other people. This is not a result of physical activity/stress or medications.

I experienced sun poisoning June 30-July 1st. It has been 5 days of recovery.

I'm afraid an organ is struggling, but could it be my lymph system or a very strange form of water retention? Why is it concentrated to my lower abdomen/hips/back? Theres no pain, no redness, nothing firm, no excess gas, I can go to bathroom normally. This also doesn't seem like an allergic reaction and I have eaten all foods I normally eat.

Please help me. I'm 30 year old nonbinary person with female anatomy. I take trilospec/birth control last two and a half months. I took half an oxycodone for pain management last night but the swelling on my abdomen was present before the pain meds.
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Now it's just one side of abdomen/pubic region still swollen after waking up this morning. Hips and left side of abdomen and pelvis are no longer swollen. Please help me
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As I suggested, please go see your doctor, and if you can't get in, go to the ER.
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Hormonal changes can cause water retention, but it seems unlikely that birth control pills would cause this as suddenly and extremely as you are describing. In your shoes, I would call the doctor and get in to have your kidney and liver checked, and don't wait. If no doctor can see you, the ER might be an option.
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