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Recurrent vaginal infections ruining my life!!!

For the past 3 years I have been dealing with recurrent BV (bacterial vaginosis) and yeast infections. I have seen 2 different doctors and they basically have no answers for me, and could not offer any kind of insight as to why this is happening, and how to prevent it. All they want to do is prescribe antibiotics, which work for about 2 weeks, and then everything comes flaring back up again. In addition to the antibiotics, I have tried EVERY "home" or "natural" remedy I could find online. A lot of them work, but just like the antibiotics, only temporarily. I have also started taking any vitamin or supplement I have come across that even remotely claims to help with this problem, including a probiotic specifically made for vaginal support. The last time I went to my doctor she basically told me that no one knows why but some women are just more prone to infections, and unfortunately I might just have to live with it. REALLY??? This is literally killing my self confidence, ruining my sex life, and keeping me from doing lots of things I want to do! I tried telling my doctor that I also felt like my hormones might be out of whack due to some other symptoms, such as black hairs growing on my chin area, weird periods, and mood swings, and I wondered if that could have anything to do with my problems, but she just kind of looked at me blankly as she wrote me a prescription for the pill, and another Rx for Metrogel. Well, I have been back on the pill for 6 months and there's been no improvement as far as the BV, yeast infections, or black hairs. Obviously it took care of my period (I pretty much don't have one at all anymore) and my mood seems back to normal (I think the mood swings were due to my cycle). But I am at my wit's end!!!! Can someome who has dealt with this please, please help me?!?
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Have you tried Pro-B.. it is awesome, costly but works the only thing is that you have to take it daily. . But I think it's worth every penny.
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I haven't tried the Pro-B brand, but I tried something similar from another brand with no success. At this point, I'm so frustrated I'll try anything and pay any amount for aomething that might help! Thanks!
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I have no suggestions as I have the same "issue". I don't know what I did the last few weeks but it was GONE! Now the last 2 days...ugh! when you figure it out let me know.
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