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Shaving your area

Well,  I use to shave every hair I see down there because I feel terrible when I don't.  Do you think it's safe? Do you shave too? Any advice? I also want to know...  Are you totally shaved when you have set or you think it doesn't matter at all.  
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It depends on what u like but I'm rearly ever completely shaved.
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I once asked my ob-gyn what percent of his patients shaved, and in a bored tone he said "Oh, about 30%."  In other words, it is not a big deal and there is absolutely no reason to "feel terrible" if you don't.
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I personally don't shave it I try not too but I'm 13 if I do hen the next coupe of days the hairs get sharp and it hurts for me
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It's safe make sure it has moist heat to have the hairs stand up or do it in a warm shower, I use conditioner or something gentle and smooth on it, make sure you get a new clean razor that you haven't used anywhere else, shave horriOntally not vertically so you can avoid razor bumps, and don't go over the same area over and over because that causes irritation. Pat dry answer cotton type non irritating underwear after it
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Thank you all for your advice
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I like to use hair removal cream ,it feels better and last longer. And yes I try to stay bold cuz the sex is better to me
Oh.. Yes, hair removal cream must be a great solution.  Thanks a lot ;)
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