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What are the strange bumps on my clitorial hood and on my areolas?

So I've had these bumps since I was young and have had them ever since I can remember. I have gotten curious now as an adult what they are and have gotten acquainted with sex and making sure I am not like infected with something. and yes I have had sex before but none of my partners had any signs of herpes and if they did they would've told me, If they didn't I am going to be a bit more than upset. But these bumps are the same color as my skin and when I squeeze the ones on my areolas they puss out white like they're Montgomery glands. But what would explain the bumps above my clitorial hood? they feel like small beads when you feel for them but they dont hurt at all and are just there, I dont have any itching/burning or tingling sensations except when I shave down there and my skin becomes irritated from the razor and I get some ingrown hairs but it hasn't happened this time when I shaved (I used a vaginal soap to help) but I dont know what to make of it, do I have some sort of underlying STD or is it just a birth defect? I also have not had any sores or blisters any any of the regions and none by my mouth. I am still an 18 year old adolescent though and still get acne so I don't really know.
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It might be worth checking in with a dermatologist. If you have had them so long, they probably aren't serious, but you might appreciate getting a name for them and suggestions for how to live with them or make them go away. Squeezing them sounds like not the best idea.
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