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I havent been to the doctor but am wondering why does my vagina smell? i have sex and no other symptoms but a simple smell...even after cleansing I still cannot get rid of the smell...until i go to the doctor how about could it be a bacterial infection or what other ideas could you give me to consider? i thought about using apple cider vinegar and soaking in the tub>?
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I had that problem when I was overweight so if that is a problem for you I would suggest losing some weight. Other than that yea you could have an infection so I would go to the doctor. I wouldn't insert anything foreign into the vagina just go get checked. Good Luck BB
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Yes, soaking in warm water would be good.  One thing I would recommend is to Not keep scrubbing and scrubbing with soap, it will make the problem worse instead of better.  Assuming you can get to the doctor within a few days, soak in warm water and maybe cleanse yourself with just a very mild soap once a day.  I'm not sure about the vinegar...
It could be just a yeast infection, call your doctor and make an appointment and good luck to you :)
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