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Sore Breasts

hi, im 18 nearly 19 and for the past 2 weeks im breast's have been really sore and tender and feel reall swollen at times, is this normal?

i started puberty ages 11, fell pregnant with my daughter at 15, whent on the implant after i had her for around 14 months, had it removed then had 3 depo injections (9 months) i havent had a period since my daughter was 3 months old and there only just starting to come back again,  

whats going on?
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Have you taken a pregnancy test? Is there a chance that you can be pregnant. I would just take one to be on the safe side.. My breast get sore close to my period but never for 2 weeks. That has only happend to me when I was pregnant with my son
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no there no chance of me being pregnant ive not had any intermut relatioships for around 10 months that wh i stoped having m deop injection
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