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I've had an irregular period since I first started at age 14. It usually charted to every 52 days. However, during this spring break, at the age of 17, I contracted bronchitis and had to take some very harsh antibiotics that caused me to possibly get my period early, but it was much lighter than usually and very thick and mucus like. I had a normal period afterward sometime in April, then a weird spotting ish one at the end of may. Is it spotting? It lasted 5 days and I cramped a little like usual periods... Any help with what's going on would be appretiated.
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Sounds like you've had a bad go of the whole period ordeal.

If you've had unprotected sex then you could do a home pregnancy test, but otherwise I would say that it's just your "typical" irregular period.

Have you ever been tested for endometriosis?
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Uh what's that? And I'm Abstinant, really unlikely I'm pregnant
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I had a bit of a scare when my bf touched me with precum on his hands but it was clearly dried out by the time he did. And the other day he came on the couch next to me for the first time ever but I wasn't near his ejaculatory fluid at all. You see, I have very bad anxiety and just SEEING that has made me feel like maybe I am pregnant. I can talk myself out of it but it still keeps me up at night. This weird period was 7 days ling and I'm pretty sure it was way too heavy to be spotting. I mostly come to this sight for reassurance that I am being safe and have nothing to worry.. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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So I geuss I'm nOt completely abstinent. But I've been so careful, so very very careful, there's no way, right?
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by Viki113, less than a minute ago
Can someone please talk to me? Medical advice is so iffy lately. In my book it said if your period was altered you might still be pregnant, but it also said that irregular periods in teenagers, especially under high cases of stress, is normal! Iv had no morning sickness or aversion to foods. Iv had no cravings. I do feel bloated and guilty, but that's gotta be my anxiety... Any help would be so appreciated! Please
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You're not pregnant. I'm not too sure why you're still concerned about that---likely due to your anxiety, but you need to put it out of your head. As for the spotting, it can be caused by numerous things, and in some women can be perfectly normal. However, it's impossible to say if in this case it is, or if it indicates something else. What sort of flow was this weird bleed you had. Did you need use of feminine products, was it similar to a regular cycle, what was the colour, etc etc. Any information you can give on it would help a lot.
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