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Stabbing pains in vagina

I'm 13 and I always have these stabbing pains in my vagina. They get even worse when I'm on my period. It's almost as if someone is getting a knife and stabbing my vagina. It's so painful, sometimes I can't even move. I'll lose my breath or get a bit dizzy. These pains are so bad that the first time I got them I curled into a ball and cried in pain. When I tried to sit up, I couldn't move because the pain was so grueling. They're so horrible and I feel like there is something wrong because I've been reading these forums for a while and they all seem to be about older women. I've had these pains for about 3 months but my mum will surely think I'm insane if I complain to her about it. Is there something I should do about it?
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Please tell your mom.  She loves you, and would not want you to be in pain.  Ask her to please take you to a doctor, so you can be treated for this.  God Bless - Blu
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Yes I would talk to your doctor about the possibility of Endometriosis.

Please look into that and check the symptoms to see if you have any other ones.  This is not something you want to leave.

If you feel that its a possibility I would make an appointment with your GP and bring it up.
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You should talk to your mum and ask her to take you to the doctor so that she/he can find out what is going on.

You may have a fungal infection, or even a urinary infection like Cystitis.  These can cause stabbing sensations in that area.

When you have finished your period, take a urine sample to be checked.

The doctor will need to identify what is causing this problem so that he can treat you appropriately with the correct medications.

Make sure you keep clean.  Do not use harsh soaps and bubble baths down below and wear cotton underwear.  Also do not wear tight clothing.

When you use the toilet to empty your bowels, wipe from front to back.  Because women have short urethras (where your wee comes from), bacteria can enter it and cause problems.

Have you been on any antibiotics recently?

Make sure you eat a healthy and balanced diet and drink lots of water so you do not become dehydrated.

We all get problems, no matter how old we are.  So talk to your mum and let your know so she can take you to see your doctor.

Let us know how you get on.

Best wishes.
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