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Thick Uterine Lining 18 mm

Hello All,

I have been having irregular cycles since September and my doc had me take Provera to kick start it which worked in October. But come January I didn’t get a cycle so I had to take progesterone pills. Then come February I didn’t get a cycle so I saw my OB March 7th and he suggested I picked the 14 days out of the month to take the progesterone pills. I started spotting the next day so I started taking the progesterone pills nightly. Come March 13th I had heavy bleeding with clots. Then for the next 2 weeks it was light to medium bleeding with heavy gushes in the evening. Now for the past 2 weeks it’s been heavy with clots and almost impossible to function in my day to day life. My doc prescribed me provera to take for 7 days which seemed to slow it down until I had a pelvic u/s done and after that I’ve been bleeding heavier and heavier. My u/s showed a 4cm cyst on my right ovary and my uterus lining is 18mm thick. Has anyone gone through this?? I have an OBGYN appointment tomorrow and I’m completely worried.
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Sorry for your difficulties.  I have had an ovarian cyst and irregular bleeding because of it (more than normal). A thickened uterine lining is common with ovarian cysts. You've also had a good amount of hormonal manipulation which will have an effect.  Tell us what the doctor says at your appointment.  I would not be overly worried!  Good luck hon
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