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Troublesome lumps in groin

About a year ago a hard red lump developed in my groin just to the side of the crease where inner thigh turns into genital. It wasn't painful if I recall (if anything it was never very bothersome, which is why I let it go so long) but over the course of the year I've developed another on the other side of my groin, in almost the same place; the two have also gotten larger and more sensitive. At this point they're oblong, soft/tender to the touch, roughly the size of large peas (though they do not bulge out of my skin as far, and they deliver a REALLY REALLY REALLY sharp and awful pain if touched/poked. The surface of the skin is pink/red and often itchy and occasionallt even flaky. It's not an open sore and has not ruptured, though if I stretch the skin around each it looks like a whitish bubble.

I've only ever been with one fellow who has also only ever been with me, so unless I've encountered an STI by some bizarre and tremendously unlucky accident that I can't even imagine, it's nothing like that. I'm thinking it's either a cyst, a boil, or an abscess, but I really don't know which. There are things about all of those that sound like what I have, but also not like what I have. For one thing the length of time it took for them to develop throws me off, it was over the course of weeks and weeks that they each grew into anything really noticeable.  

I'll probably see a doctor soon because they're just getting larger and more sensitive and becoming a problem, but I'd really like to know what they are and if there's a safe way to treat them at home if possible. More than anything I jsut want to know what they are, can anyone tell me what they think?
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im having the same problem and dont know what it is and am scared to find out. but like you ive only been with one person so i dont think its an STI or something like that
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If I find out what they are, I'll write back here to let you know. It's really disturbing, isn't it?
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