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Vaginal pains during sex.

Whenever my girlfriend and I of 3 year have sex it hurts her. She usually gets little cuts/tears easily around the entrance, most pain is felt usually right at the entrance however she has had sharp pains deeper inside (she described it as a bunch of knifes jabbing her) of her that have become more common. It also hurts her when she puts in tampons (not as bad, and it is really painful if we have intercourse the following week after her period due to the tampons) Yes I make sure she is ready every time.

What we have tried: lube (water base, silicon, natural), 2 pap test (doctor suggest yeast infection pills since high amount of yeast, after 6 months no change), condoms (latex and latex free), no condom, multiple birth control pills (alesse, yaz, ect. now on alesse), different positions, others I can't remember at the moment.

It has gotten to the point where she has given up and does not want to go to a doctor because they will want to do a pap test and considering sex is hard the test is excruciatingly painful. I have tried talking her into going to a sex/health clinic because I would assume they know better but I always get excuses so I don't bring it up anymore. When we first started having sex there were no issues (we could do it daily and for long periods of time with no issues) however after approximately 6 month to a year it started to become more painful. She received her cervical cancer (HPV I think it was) shots (1 month before we start having sex and her final shot was about 6 months into us having sex). I did want to try going off birth control (she has been on ever since we started dating) however that was shot down. Pretty sure blood work was done and no abnormalities. We have looked online but to no real success. Usually if we don't do it for a couple weeks we can get away with minimal pain as long as we finish up quickly. We have found better results with silicon based lube.

I haven't given up on trying to figure out whats wrong and am open to suggestions.
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I kind of had a similar issue. When I started having sex, it was normal but after a few months it became more painful and unfortunately my boyfriend at the time didn't cooperate and respect the fact that I was in pain and he broke up with me because it hurt to have sex. But then I stopped having sex for a few months and then when my husband and I started having sex it was back to normal and didn't hurt. The only thing I could suggest about the outside pain is to try like KY jelly and maybe even the different type of condoms (like the icy/hot, etc.). As for the inside, I know that when my husband and I have sex that I get sharp pains but I was told that his penis was like pushing up against my uterus causing the pain. Different positions help.
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The water based (ky and the icy/hot don't go so well) don't help so much and the condoms just make it worse (we are both free of anything tested and all). We do have the "if I go to deep" I hit the uterus and it hurts her and different positions make it worse.... Thank you for you advice though. I know neither one of us really want to go a couple months without it but that's pretty much our only option as of right now.
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