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Weird!!!!!! 17 Need Help

SO i used to be like this but  i dont get the  clear mucos anymore ive had a cyst removed from one of my ovaries and  sence then i dont seem to ovulate i used to keep track of it closing because of sex i do not have an std i am 17 and have only been with one person and still with this person  and nither of us have an std   but i need help hwy am i not ovulating and could this effect my health  how can i get my ovulation back to normal .

There is so me information below about ovulation if you want to check it out.

What is cervical mucous and how is it measured?

Cervical mucous (or fluid) is the liquid that is produced by the cervix. The viscosity of this fluid changes as ovulation approaches. At the beginning of your cycle and after ovulation (non-fertile days), the cervical mucous is dry or sticky. As you approach ovulation, the mucous becomes creamy, then watery, and finally like eggwhites. "Creamy" cervical mucous may be white, yellow or beige and feels like lotion. When the cervical mucous is clear and watery, you're most likely fertile and when it can be stretched several inches between your fingers, this indicates your most fertile days.

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How do you know you aren't ovulating?  Is it just based on cervical mucous?  Some people don't show the classical symptoms or they are not as obvious as others.  So you may still be ovulating.  Just makes it harder to use the Billings Method for contraception.

Have you tried one of the ovulation saliva tests or even had blood tests to measure your levels of FSH and LH?

Are you still menstruating?  If not, you might want to do a pregnancy test.

As for the sex part, you might want to use some other sort of contraception.

This is something you need to discuss with your doctor.
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I do use other protection (condoms) . i am  not pregnat  i just noticed that after the operation i had to remove the cyst off my ovary  i do not have clear Egg white like  mucos i am pretty careful when it comes to sex i am not on bc pills because they useually make me sick so i am currently waiting to find one that works for me   but i was wondering if  it is normal  for my ovulation to change after the opperation
i have not tried and type of test to measure it  but i guess i could try and see

thank you
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