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Why haven't my breasts start growing?

So I'm turning 17 this year my breast literally did not grow at all. Should i be concerned? I got my period when i was 10. Its really making me insecure i can’t even fit an a cup and no i’m not thin i weight almost 55 kg but most of my fat goes to my ass and thighs.
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The other two ladies said it well. Everyone is different and your size could be due to genetics or many other factors. I bet you are beautiful though, and have no reason to feel insecure. Now, a days everyone has this perceived image of what beauty is and what females should look like, but that is false. The truth is we are all unique and beautiful in our own ways. Don't let the standards of what you think you should look like get to you.
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Yea i agree but idk if i should get a check up because im literally in stage 2 and like my breasts never grew
You can to ensure its not horomones. Just remember you are perfect hpw you are.
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A lot of what happens with our breast size is genetic. Just our natural build.  It changes over the years with things like having kids or getting old like me.  I have changed size and shape a good deal over the years.  Are you really thin?  That usually goes together.  Extra fat often will increase breast size a bit.  Also, you can try doing chest exercises like bench presses to build up the pecs.  It helps a little as well.  And bras these days have padding and shape you so try not to worry.  Feeling beautiful as we are is important.  
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Thank you that made me feel better :)
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Well, sweetheart, everyone is different and their bodies have different timelines. For example, I was never more than about an A and a half (at most) until I was in my 40s, and my sister always wore a bra called "Almost A" even though her band size was something like a 36 or 38. But if you are concerned, you could ask your doctor.
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Why im concered is because like my breast never grew at all like im in stage 2 :(
You said you're about 120 lbs. in weight, right? How tall are you? Because 120 lbs. is slim, particularly for a taller girl. If you are slender your chest will often stay slender too. I would not worry that it's a hormone thing unless you are also not having your periods. My guess is, look at your mom and your aunts, you will probably have a build like them, or like your dad's female relations. A lot of growth happens after age 16. Try not to worry, you probably look lovely. Too much boob can make a woman look chunky all over even if she is not.
My height is 5’3 and my body shape is pear like my mom but she is a c cup. My period is regular i guess. Honestly i don't care if i even have small boobs i just want something u know.
Did your mom ever tell you when she developed breasts? She might also have been 16 with nothing much going on. Women frequently get boobs (or bigger ones) only after pregnancy and nursing.
She didn’t but ill ask her and hopefully If she was like me then that will give me a lil hope hehe
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