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about tubal ligation??

ive never did a blog or anything just to let everyone know to bare with me ! I will tell my story kinda long but want to fully put it all out there in hopes someone can help me understand as I've been to my obgyn an not much help I have him baffled , first off 3 yrs ago I had a tubal ligation on Jan 27th of this year exactly 3 years after the ligation I started having spotting implantation bleeding for one day just small drop of blood in a thick cm the next day I started to spot heavier that lasted 3 days I went to my obgyn he thought maybe I just needed some hormones so he did level test everything came back perfect all blood work good no infections he then did a dnc feb 22nd an lap explore on O an looked for cyst everything came back normal I asked him about my tubes an in a passing walk he says they r blocked I've not had any bleeding since feb for one day due to the dnc . As of this month I started ovulating because I suffer from ovulation pain.. I've had tender breast creamy lotion cm after 3 days it changed to milky an that day went to nothing now I'm leaking water then completely dry I'm having lower back pain pain in left an right side mid pain that last only a few hrs then nothing now nauseous stronger smell sore throat that comes an goes runny nose that only comes an goes still no period has anyone ever went threw this ?? And I'm looking for a new obgyn he was also the one that performed the ligation he acted all strange like he was scared it failed he wouldn't do any type of ultra sounds or pregnancy test I know it's rare but does happen!! I think maybe my tubes have an issue or made a new passage but if any of this sounds familiar of pregnancy symptoms or tubal issue Pls Pls Pls reply I so need help!! Been going nuts for months an I'm super worried about my health!! Also he wanted to jump straight to removing all my parts I'm sorry for such a long post an jumping all over the place pls bare with me thanks for any help!!!!!
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