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im really scared its a tumor...

okay so yea this is kinda weird for me to say/ask but here goes nothing.
Im under my 20's and i just got dont wiht my period today. i was making sure i didnt forget to take out my tampon in the shower when i felt a unusual clump of mass under my skin in the back area of the wall of my vagina (if that makes sense) i havent felt any weirder than normal either. i dont know if thats suppoused to be there or not but i did some reaserch and nothing is giving me a clear answer. it could be a sist but i dont think those move when you touch it and i can like push this one in further. i cant feel all of it so i dont know how big it is and its under my skin. i have a doctors appt on the 13th of this month should i wait till then or should i go in right away. please help try to figure what this is.
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well honestly i would go right in i have not heard of anything like this before
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random questions but it maybe what i have....

do u have irregular periods?
extra unwanted hair especially facial and stomach?
trouble with ur weight??

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actually no im 510 and im not fat or skinney just muscular. i get my periods when im suppoused to its just last month i had it for 2 weeks this time was completly normal and no facial hair but some stomach hair. why what do you think it is?
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well i have pcos... its basically lots of cysts down there ... but u dont sound to have any of the symptoms... but  it may be something to do with ur hormones still. go see a doctor asap... even if just for the piece of mind. tell ur doctor its an emergency appointment because it would be classed as one especially if ur scared or freaking out about it.

its not the most pleasant convo to have with ur doctor but its better to do it asap :)

good luck
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I'm sure that it is nothing serious. I have a sorta swelling on the outside of my vaginal opening, my left labia looks bigger than my right and as I am rather scared to go to my doctors I am going to go to my local GUM clinic. Maybe you could do the same? Most places have walk in clinics and they will be able to examine you and tell you if its normal or not. As its a clinic for the genital area theres no need to be embarrassed as they will be expecting you to have an issue related to the genital area. Hope all is well.
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I must say that this is the first time I have ever heard anyone else with this "problem"  I have not been to the doctor, because at my age (over 65), I should know my anatomy by now, but I couldn't decide what this thing was either.  It sometimes appears to be quite large and hardish, but then almost goes away, and feels spongy.  I have had some pain in the vaginal area, but it goes away and I just want to ignore it.  I have other medical problems not associated with this, and do take a few medications.  I will have to get up the courage to go and see about it, I guess.
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hey i think i have the same problem dont worry!!... it sounds like a bartholins gland cyst. Its basically the gland that release your discharge and they can be treat with antibiotics!..

Unfourtunalty Mine have never properly gone away and I first noticed them when i was 19, but they have never got infected so they dont hurt or cause me too much grief. But they do get bigger when im on my period so thats why you probably noticed them now rather than before...and they may go down when youve finished.... i know its still not something you want to hear but I hope this helps, and stops you worrying

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Since I obviously do not have a period, I wonder if this is a bartholins gland cyst also? I am going to look it up. Thanks.
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