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late ovulation with pcos??

Is it possible to ovulate late (after day 20) for a women with PCOS?

I have PCOS and sometimes I ovulate on my own.

This is my cycle after a chemical pregnancy.My 20 th day test says my progesterone levels are low (1.6) and hence I did not ovulate in this cycle.

I saw pink discharge once yesterday and once today morning.Its 35 th day and I am not having a normal cycle.

I did a HPT  3 days back and it was negative.

Is there a possibilty that I ovulated late and this could be possible implantation bleeding?

I was diagnosed with PCOS 3 yrs back and my AF was very normal.Though I had 5 to 10 days late periods( for the cycles I dint ovulate), the bleeding was normal. This time its weird.  Does PCOS causes very light bleeding?

I am worried bec I had 2 miscarriages earlier and it all started with a pink discharge. So I am terribly worried.

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Have you taken a a test yet? I know some women can ovulate late in the cycle with pcos. When i was first told I had pcos i did not ovulate. I was put on birth control and metformin. I dont know if my cycles are regular now because of the bc, or if I ovulate. But i think i read somewhere on here that ovulating pass cd20 the chances of pregnancy are slim because of egg qaulity. Are you trying to get pregnant? If so maybe you might want to look into something like Clomid to help induce ovulation earlier. Just a thought. But if your not trying to get pregnant, then maybe try bc pills to regulate your cycle.
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I am trying to get pregnant for 3 yrs and I am on clomid for the previous 3 cycles(except for the current one).
In my 3 rd cycle of clomid I became pregnant but it was a chemical pregnancy
and I had a miscarriage on march 20 th.

So this cycle is after miscarriage and my doctor said i can try for pregnancy but i should not take clomid in this cycle.

I went for the ovulation test on day 20 ( which I do every month to make sure I ovulate) and the progesterone level was just 1.6 which obviously means I dint ovulate.

Usually if I dint ovulate, my periods is about 2weeks late but with normal bleeding.
But this time, its different. On my 34 th day i saw just a drop of blood. Then whole day no bleeding. Today morning which is 35 th day , I saw a pinkish discharge when i wiped. Then no discharge. After few hrs i saw a very light brown discharge. then it stopped. I dont see anything on my pad,its just when i wipe.

I called my doctors office and they r asking me to take medroxy progesterone(provera) to get my normal cycle.

But my husband had this doubt. what if I ovulated late, he means what if i have ovulated after 20 th day test was done.

My doubts are what if ovulated late and this is implantation bleeding?

I did a pregnancy test on my 31 st day but it was negative.

I might do it again on sunday to make sure i am not pregnant before i take the medicine to get my normal cycles.

Also I am worried even if i am pregnant bec as u have mentioned, i have read a lot about miscarriages happening  bec  late ovulation is associated with poor egg quality.

I had 2 miscarriages earlier so I am worried.

One part of my heart says it should be my normal cycle bec I need not worry about poor egg quality and possible miscarriage but at the same time I feel I should be pregnant. I am just stressed out with mixed feelings.

Thanks for your reply.

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Finally I found out that the spotting was not implantation bleeding.
Its caused by PCOS. I learnt that low progesterone and thin uterine lining may cause spotting or very very light irregular bleeding for women with PCOS.

I did a HPT this morning and it came out negative.

So I am going to take medroxy progesterone  from today to get my normal cycle.

I am not much disappointed that its not implantaion bleeding bec I knew well that pregnancy with late ovulation and low progesterone level may result in miscarriage.

I am just waiting to get my normal cycle back.

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