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no periods

i only had 2 periods in 21 months. I went to my GP after 8 months and blood test came up with nothing abnormal.  Had a blood test again still waiting on the results, and i've also been booked in for an ultrasound.. but i was wondering what the ultrasound will be looking for?  Also what is likely to be the cause as i'm not stressed everthings normal and i have no other symptoms except no periods??

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Hi, how are you?

Your doctor probably ordered the ultrasound to make sure that your ovaries are normal in size and that they are not poly cystic.  PCOS poly cystic ovarian syndrome is one possibility that causes women to miss their periods and infertility.  PCOS has a lot of possible symptoms but some women experience more than others.  Another possibility is high prolactin levels...that was probably tested during your blood work though.  If your prolactin levels were high your doctor would probably give you a prescription to lower the level. Did your doctor prescribe you anything to induce a period?  I actually have to take Provera (medroxyprogesterone is another name for it) every month to induce a period or I won't get mine.  

I hope this helps.  

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Thanks melissa, no my doctor hasnt prescribed anything yet. i'm still waiting for a date for the ultrasound, eberything is so slow. Thanks for the info tho :-)
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They may also also look for endometriosis. You cant diagnose without a laparoscopy, however they may look for cysts or tissue outside your uterus. They may look for PCOS as melissa_c mentioned. I have an ultrasound scheduled next month to check for endometriosis. I had the same issue except i'd feel pain with intercouse for a while. I changed my dieting almost two months ago and since then i got my period and only last 5 days (unlike weeks as before.). If they still dont find anything abnormal, ask your doc about Vitex chastberry, which has been known to help ovulation and regulate cycles. also if you are under weight try gaining weight, and if you are over weight try losing. I was a bit underweight and has poor eating habits and NEVER use to drink water. all that has changed and i feel better and AF arrived. i also take prenatal vitamins to give me extra nutrients. Im hoping AF comes on time this month to confirm my health changes are making a difference. All the best of luck to you and update me on how you are doing.
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my ultrasound is nxt week.My bloods came back high LH and testosterone. I'm ideal BMI for my height, right in the middle, quite an athletic build. Last month i kinda had a period but it was dischargy??.... can't comment on the intercourse part...(brand new boyf at mo).. Have u had a laparoscopy yet?
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