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pregnancy help!

my fiance and i have been having unprotected sex for three months now and nothing. he has ejaculated in me almost every time we have sex, i would think that we would have to be pregnant by now. but i keep having my periods and have taken tests and nothing. im beginning to wonder if there is something wrong with him or i that could keep us from children. should i feel this way? or could it be something else? HELP! :(
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have u tried using OPK'S (ovulation predicting kits) u can buy them very where u use them to notice ur LH surge which happens when ur about to ovulate. if u want more info try here http://www.fertilityplus.org/faq/opk.html      and u can google it as well
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It can take a LONG time to get pregnant. It took my mom almost 10 years and one miscarriage to have me. Where as with me...it took dh and I the first night of trying.

Every woman's body is different and not everyone gets pregnant easily. Start tracking your ovulation and talk to your ob/gyn about what other preparations you can take to help aid in getting pregnant.
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3 months isn't exactly a long time. A healthy couple with no fertility issues can easily take 1-2 years to conceive. (or longer) You need to be having sex on your fertile days to even get pregnant, and even then you only have a 25% chance of pregnancy. Unless you know the exact day you ovulate (which almost no women does without help) you can use OPK's which will detect when you ovulate and you can also start charting your BBT which will show a slight spike in temperature around the time you ovulate.
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I took the first birth control pill and today is the 12th day on my cycle and its my fertile days and tomorrow is my ovulation day, and Ive been cramping today all day is this a sign or why the cramping if I finished my period 4 days ago
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