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sex problems!

I am 15 years old and i don't want any comments saying i am too young. I really want some quality answers because I need help.

I have vaginismus, go to www.vaginismus.com  if you dont know what it is. My boyfriend and I have a very good relationship but we try to be as sexually active as we can even though i have vaginismus. I know all the details about vaginismus, but for some reason every time my boyfriend tries to put two fingers into me, i gush out blood. He can only put his 2 fingertips into me with very bad pain, nothing else can go in. at first i thought it had something to do with my cherry popping, but this isnt the case at all. we've tried to put two fingers in plenty of times and ive bleed everytime. does anyone know why i bleed?

i also have this problem where i barely feel horny. i have never been able to orgasm. My boyfriend and I try everything to get me horny. I've played with myself, watched porn, both given each other oral, and hes fingered me, but nothing seems to stimulate me. the only thing that does get me a little horny is making out.

i really don't understand whats wrong with me, does anyone know? any answers would really help, thank you!
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Have you been to the doctor about this and had it confirmed that you actually do have it? If not, then I would definitely do so. Might turn out, even though you say you have symptoms etc of it, you may not actually have it. Because of your age (and i'm not getting on about you being too young, it's your choice), you body hasn't stopped growing properly and so that can explain why it would hurt to have sex, and that you can't fit much there. Also, you might not as 'sexually ready' as you think you would, which would explain why you're not aroused etc...being aroused makes your vagina wet, and it opens more to make room for the penis, so of course if you're not aroused it's going to hurt and you're not going to fit much up there. Could be that you're just not aroused by your boyfriend.
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