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significant recurring fissure of posterior fourchette from sex, childbirth concern

Hi everyone, I'm wondering if anyone has had this issue and what has helped.  Since early this year, I have gotten vaginal fissure/tear in the same area at the bottom of vagina every time I have intercourse with my fiance, despite weeks between intercourse for the fissure to heal.  We have sex a lot less now because of this problem (twice a month, maybe less).  We used to have regular sex with no problems.  Occasionally I would notice some pain with initial penetration, but now this is chronic.  The fissure is vertical, almost 1cm in length and looks about 2mm thick.  It reopens everytime despite lots of foreplay and lubrication used.  It does cause pain/discomfort during sex.  

I looked around online and am not sure what is causing it, whether its primary or related to lichen sclerosis or other skin problem.  I don't have white patches but the skin on my perineum does appear thin and kind of shiny.  It is not stretchy at all. Please do not suggest HSV or yeast infection because I do not currently have any infection and while I am positive for HSV, this is NOT HSV lesion, I know they can look like cuts.  This fissure is provoked by friction.  I have been searching for information, am not ignorant of what STDs can do.  I am 100% certain this is not an outbreak of any sort.  If anything, HSV could have caused underlying structural changes.

I am 4 months pregnant and worried that this means I will have significant tearing during labor.  I also would like some direction of hope because I want to recover my sexual relationship.

Can anyone please help?
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If you're 4 months pregnant, and this has been ongoing, I assume you've discussed it with your doctor? Because it seems like too serious of a concern to be just looking for answers on the Internet. What has your doctor said, has he or she been dismissive?
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Hi, agree discussion with doctor is a great idea.  I saw my doctor monthly at 4 months, so talk about it at your next baby check or give them a call and be seen early.  That area is meant to stretch and the question is why it isn't.  Any symptoms at all of yeast overgrowth?  That is a reason this can happen and is quite common during pregnancy. Skin things like dermatitis can cause this.  New soap?  Hormone fluctuations may contribute as well.  Give this a read (copy and paste into your browser) and see what you think https://dermnetnz.org/topics/recurrent-fissuring-of-posterior-fourchette/
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