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I am heavy and want a baby bad what are my options when it doesnt happen right away.
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Hey do not give up my sister is on the heavy side and once she concieved one well lets say pregnant with the fourth and the ages are 8,3,2,and now this one I believe if you monitor your ovulation by testing for a few months you'll learn when you ovulate for better chance....GOOD LUCK
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Why not lose some weight while you play at getting pregnant?  You will feel better.  Yry the Dukan diet - it works.
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Conception is a miracle, so much has to be in order for this to occur. Keep trying but keep your sexual relationship intimate, don't make it a job, that's just one more stresser while trying to conceive. In the meantime try losing weight...they say even a change as small as 10lbs increases your chances in becoming pregnant. I really want to stress the weight issue bc being overweight you put yourself and your baby at risk of major complications that can be prevented if you were at a healthier weight. I know you want this really bad but please consider this before trying other options like invetro, fertility meds, etc. Another thing if you are trying to conceive you really want to go ahead a start taking prenatal vitamins and make necessary changes to have a balanced diet, exercise, and no toxic habbits like drinking or smoking. Just some things to think about. You could go to your doctor to have a fertility check up and planning as well. Best of Luck BB
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Thank you ladies for you advice and comments I am working on my weight and i eat healthy I lost lots of weight a year ago 60lbs and still going. I was 360 now 300 my main goal is to get at a healthy weight to be happy and healthy. But most of all to have a baby me and my boyfriend believe it will happen one day. GOD SPEED! Thanks keep you posted.
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I understand how you feel. i am also on the heavy side. i went to the dr. and she said i was fine but she was really concerned about my weight with me being so young. i knew it would effect me once i got older so i knew i had to loose weight. i was 253 and in three months i lost 44lbs!! im now 209lbs! i couldnt believe it. i was shocked. my weakness was sprite. everytime i ate i always drunk sprite and it is not good. i had to have self control and was finally able to get off of them. i didnt drank nothing but water. after a while its all i ever wanted. even when i went out to eat i would get water. its all i had so i got used to it. if my fiance had a soda and i drank some it just does not taste right. i guess thats what happens when i didnt have it for a long time. water makes me feel better and it is very refreshing. i drank at least 8 or more a day. i also bought a water jug that stays with me when i leave the house and it always keeps me hydrated. another thing that helped me was exercising. its very important. i took baby steps 5 minutes on treadmill and i was able to work my way up to 10 then 15 now to 30 min a day. you dont wanna work yourself either and pass out lol cause trust me it can happen. i didnt even notice i was loosing weight but other people sure did. they always ask me if i lost weight or i look diffferent and when other people start to notice then you know you are loosing. i hope this helps :-)
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Hello yes I am encouraged by your story and I am glad their is someone out there that understands my struggle thank you for takig the time to respond to the message and giving me your input. I wish that people would understand that it is not easy to lose weight and no one wakes up saying they are happy they are 300lds. I had a hard life at a young age lost my mother at 12yrs old and got separated for my brothers. I never knew my father so that really messed with my mind over the years. Look I am not making excuses but I fight everyday to stay strong and be happy and live life to the fullest. I work on my weight so I can be slimmer cause if not people in this world will make you miserable cause you are fat. But most of all to be healthy and have a baby. GOD BE WITH US WHEN WE DONT HAVE THE STRENGHT TO HOLD ON! Thanks Ladiez GOD BLESS YOU ALL!
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