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I was so sure that I was ready for the mastectomy as my previous posts indicated.  2 days ago my right breast (the affected one at this time), opened and drained.  I can't even begin to guess how much pus or "cellular debris" came out, all I know is that when it finished one hour later my breast went from being hard as a rock along the whole bottom through the side and on the top, to feeling like a regular soft breast, and about 1/3 the size of my breast was gone.  I have had FNA in the past but they are so tramatic, due to the inflammation they can not numb the area and have had to resort to sedating me for the procedure, I have been managing things myself the last couple of months.  I can't help but think now, is this the end of the disease for me?  Will things close up and heal now?  I have to be honest.  I hate this new optimism, I fear it will only lead to devastation again when this thing continues to wreak havoc over my life.  So now I am just  confused.  I wasn't planning to have the mastectomy until June so there is time, I just wish I could predict the future for my poor boobies. :(
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