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by Nighthawk61, Dec 15, 2012
A AA Clubs: Facilities available for AA group meetings. AA General Service Board (a....

by ronirave14, Dec 08, 2012
My daughter suffers from Mental Health issues and now addiction. I being a drug and alcohol...

by DamTram, Dec 08, 2012 - 80 Comments
EmilyPost's medhelp user journal saved me from Tramadol addiction, twice. I am 1 ye...

by CarmineVercetti, Dec 03, 2012 - 2 Comments
Some of you may remember my posts from a while back when I was tapering off of methadone; ...

by Slags033, Dec 01, 2012
well this is the first entry in something that we will see if i can keep up. I put a lot of...

by Nighthawk61, Oct 31, 2012
Q: Do you lose time from work due to drinking? Q: Is drinking making your homelife unhap...

by Jen4life12, Oct 22, 2012
I decided since i have 9.5 5/500 vicodin left, that I need to quit finally, and forever. I ...

by JGOODMAN, Oct 06, 2012
On my 4th day of being alcohol free - I'm very lucky, no withdrawal, able to sleep, no...

by Vantom, Oct 01, 2012 - 9 Comments
I just found out that my big brother who's 28 has a Heroin addiction.. He says he'...

by proudworkingmomof3, Sep 17, 2012
Today I have decided I want to live without pain killers. I have to admit I have decided th...