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VICTOR77777Oct 21, 2010
VICTOR77777Oct 20, 2010
VICTOR77777Oct 17, 2010
VICTOR77777Oct 11, 2010
By VICTOR77777 Blank
Dear Doctors, I am a 31 year old male from India,2 years back I had visited a ladies bar in Mumbai,where there was a ...
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ssboyJun 22, 2011
Dr Sean Cummings Jun 22, 2011
ssboyJun 21, 2011
ssboyJun 21, 2011
Dr Sean Cummings Jun 21, 2011
By ssboy Blank
Hi Doctor I'm very stressed out. I went to get a handjob at A chinesse place. She took all her clothes off put oi...
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pali78Nov 06, 2013
sanjay12345Aug 23, 2011
antani1970Aug 20, 2011
toanlDec 22, 2009
By smpr Blank
Dear Doc. First i want to say thanks to all the doctors, I had a event about 55 days before and I got tested in UA...
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Antonio310793Feb 17, 2014
ARABIAN_GUYFeb 15, 2014
Antonio310793Feb 15, 2014
Dr Sean Cummings Feb 10, 2014
By Antonio310793 Blank
Let's begin introducing me:  I am a 20 year old guy with problems of obesity, that during exposure of risk was ...
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KatsinaJApr 16
phil125325May 29, 2014
Dr Sean Cummings May 17, 2014
By phil125325 Blank
Doctors, I had high risk exposure with a girl in October-2013 and oral unprotected and condom protected sex with dif...
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By zcxzdx520 Blank
Dear doctor I have some questions to ask you. Thanks a million First I explain my behavior In May 23rd I had...
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Dr Sean Cummings Apr 30, 2014
By tanzaniaman Blank
I had many sex exposure in Tanzania mostly with Condom, once in end of decembre the Condom went broken in anal exposu...
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worriedmummy88Jul 07, 2014
princesspoppy81Jun 26, 2014
worriedmummy88Jun 16, 2014
worriedmummy88Jun 16, 2014
worriedmummy88Jun 09, 2014
By worriedmummy88 Blank
I slept with a man unprotected who was sleeping with sex workers before me but he said he was always protected but as...
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By Sbach Blank
Hello, Thanks for taking the time to read and reply to my question. 4.5 weeks ago I had an encounter with a prost...
Avatar m tn
Haque84Oct 22, 2015
sara601360Oct 11, 2015
hank9313Feb 17, 2011
By hank9313 Blank
Hi Doctor, I live in the USA and recently had a sexual encounter with a female of which i am concerned. I have ...
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GuiltyHusbandJun 16, 2014
Dr Sean Cummings Jun 16, 2014
By GuiltyHusband Blank
Dear Doctor, A week ago I engaged in unprotected cunnilingus with a CSW in Shanghai. I am concerned as the gum be...
Avatar f tn
FX___Sep 01, 2015
veryworryman2Aug 31, 2015
akay88Nov 06, 2014
cool_coolaxAug 26, 2014
TimJohns12345Jun 28, 2014
By skasyan Blank
Dear Doctor I am 32,male. I had protected sex with Chinese MP/escort girl 4 weeks and 4 days ago. She pulled the con...
Avatar n tn
undroAug 27, 2015
AnxiousinNYCAug 01, 2015
fanatikerOct 07, 2014
Dr Sean Cummings Jun 21, 2014
By Duartetiagoananuno Blank
Hello, I am a Portuguese male, 25 years old, and 7 weeks ago I had a sexual encounter with a Brazilian sex worker,...
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ohdontaskAug 20, 2015
balahaMar 26, 2015
samsameer180Mar 24, 2015
denito_zdravkovaFeb 24, 2015
HSIAO1232Feb 12, 2015
By Bwab Blank
Hi , I'm freaking out and worried sick . First of all I have prostate cancer . So I'm sure my immune system isn't the...
Avatar m tn
By Lorenge24 Blank
Dear Dr. Jose, I had two kinds of exposure: 1) I gave oral sex without ejaculation (I sucked), with some pre-c...
Avatar m tn
By makkalvaalga Blank
Dear doctor, Recently went for a handjob at a massage parlour. I insisted the worker to use a condom. She was not ...
Avatar m tn
jack1260Aug 26, 2012
Trinity1111Aug 22, 2012
By joeyk11 Blank
Morning Doctors I posted a few months ago regarding rare strains of HIV and testing for HTLV.... Just wanted ...
Avatar m tn
jenn6789Jul 18, 2015
medinfosurferJul 31, 2014
Brio301Jul 24, 2014
AduiskiJul 08, 2014
By worriedbrit Blank
Hi doctor, Hope u can help. I previously posted on the hiv site and got great advice from Dr. Hhh. Last month I ha...
Avatar m tn
knfsMay 01, 2015
calscrewedlifeApr 21, 2015
ankurrajDec 17, 2014
Axpro99Jan 27, 2011
superman22Jan 20, 2011
By allison621 Blank
Hi Doctor, I am very worried. On March 26th, I was drunk and gave unprotected oral sex to a man whose HIV status i...
Avatar f tn
jill67879Mar 14, 2015
officer1234Mar 02, 2015
lau_zFeb 27, 2015
By Smashley32187 Blank
About a week ago from today, 9/14, I had unprotected sex with a black male that has a history of drug use. I am posit...
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