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Those who have pain and have to live with it daily. No matter what reason you are on methadone for your welcome here. A place where others can talk and feel they are not alone.

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I've been on methadone for five years and very recently haven't been able to see my doctor. He may have changed his practice. I need to find a doctor in bham al.
Treyisfresh | Posted
For a few years I have had ride sided upper quadrant pain off and on. I had my gallbladder taken out in 2012. I had the pain before that and thought that it would end after the surgery. It has come off and on ever since along with bad...
jenwop7573 | Posted
so i started the clinic almost 5 years ago when i ended up pregnant. Throughtout my pregnancy i had to keep increasing my dose so i wouldnt be in withdrawal. I ended up at 215mg. For a little over a year now i have dropped from 215mg to ...
nervouswreck07 | Last answer
Would it be completely idiotic to use some pain pills to help with metadone withdraw? I know I can not afford the clinic any longer. and if I'm able to help with the withdraw from methadone then withdraw off of the pills(which I know is ...
officehours | Posted
My name is charlie Ive been on methadone for about 3 1/2 years. Ive decided Im going to get off ive been going down 10mgs a week for the past 8 weeks against the doctors suggestions I am now at 40mgs I have aches and pains throughout my ...
cjhigg | Last answer
I'm sure there have been other postings on here asking this very same question but I couldn't seem to find a direct answer... After 8 years on the methadone program, I finally decided to detox and get off! I came on this site back in F...
Dryan8313 | Posted
The only question I guess is what do you all think? This is long I warn you, if your in a hurry, bypass reading it! I was transferring from a clinic I was on only 6 months because they was the only one that accepted medicaid I had just g...
truredhead | Posted
I have been on methadone for 8 months at 60 and have been off it for 15 days now. My insomnia is very bad and I am lucky to get 3 hours of sleep a night. However I feel I have become used to the clonodine and have been up for 3 days str...
Drek88 | Posted
I know this is not an exact science, but I would like some advice. If someone took 30 of the 5mg tablets on June 2, 3, & 4th and has a possible UDS on the 18th of July which means it has been right at 6 weeks or 44 days, will the Methado...
skmedlin27703 | Last answer
Is anyone ever on here anymore????
shinty | Last answer
I was using roxy cottons for a while then quit b/c I started going to the methadone clinic...I am on 70 mgs. I have been going and on methadone for 3 yrs come jan.19,2013 I am soooooo ready to taper off!!! CAN ANYONE PLEASE TELL ME THE E...
heidij | Last answer
were do i start, i supose from the start well here goes........i have been addited to zoplicone for 7 months and did have a tollrance 13 a night but with will power im down to 7 a night, these were brought from someone so its self infli...
davidross | Posted
I'm on methadone for chronic pain. My doctor and I are planning on tapering down slowly and getting off it in order to "reset" my tolerance to not just methadone but all opiates. Will me not being an addict mess things up? I'm hoping it ...
shinty | Posted
I have been on methadone now for almost 3 yrs. Jan.19 will be 3 yrs. whats the easiest way to taper off?!?
heidij | Last answer
Hello Everyone I am Clean off Methadone either it is 263 or 273 Sorry I forgot soon as I turned the page. And I would Like to say I'm feeling Pretty much like My Self again. My Moods took some time to Even out but soon as they did I felt...
ladyrhea4 | Last answer
hello everyone, i've been addicted to "pain pills" for about 5 years now, it very first started with tramodol, i was hooked on that for about a year and a half and actually did get off of them for about a year, then i was in a accident a...
Zakk1988 | Last answer
Please don't tell me to call it tapering. To me, methadone is poison of the worst sort and I will call it detoxification. I have numbed myself with pain killers for 18 yrs so I feel I'm qualified to write about it. Eventually I ended up ...
ismelltherain | Posted
Ive been on methadone for a year and a half, I never went higher than 60 mg. Ive been coming down 1mg a week, I'm now on 18mg experiencing some pretty good leg cramps but thats all. Does anyone know if I tapper down to 1 mg what kind of...
TrayCee | Posted
Hi everyone I just wanted to drop a little note to let everyone know what is going on. Well I have made it to 6 months clean from the methadone. I am still battling the mental addiction of it and the sleepless nights have returned but I ...
JenniferLutt | Last answer
I have been stuck on herion for 8 months now and have looked into other options. I have now insurance and the neerest methadone clinic is 3 hours away and I don't have transportation. I am desperate. Is there anywhere to get methadone w...
jiggidy | Posted
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