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This patient support community is for discussions relating to pregnancy, childbirth and maternity for babies due or born in May 09.

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AnnieBrookeDec 26, 2015
By dianne10 Blank
hi! i am 19weeks pregnant and im suffering from infected and abscessing teeth #11,#12,#13 and lower wisdome tooth(le...
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Princess_MeDec 12, 2015
widsmomApr 26, 2009
clairelou88Apr 05, 2009
kikicoates78Apr 04, 2009
kylesMom09Apr 04, 2009
By widsmom Blank
Hi everyone, I am considering the name Tuleen for my baby girl, (meaning moon light in greek). My DH is still a b...
551604 tn?1333986735
MzdiamondAug 03, 2015
Deelove1102Sep 06, 2014
BrandnewmommyJul 24, 2012
njroheMar 17, 2009
njroheMar 17, 2009
By Jen133 Blank
I mean like what do you feel or don't feel? I hope I'm making sense. I do get this nerve pain in my left thigh, that...
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By ADD1986 Blank
I started bleeding & I'm 10weeks pregnant. The dr says its normal but it started clotting. Should I worry?
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By bbymma89 Blank
so im estimated to be only 8 weeks.. but my bby mives an awful lot n i feel it.. could i possibly be further along or...
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Delgado2BeAug 16, 2012
tarrah87Feb 18, 2009
krushingFeb 18, 2009
CyrenaFeb 18, 2009
krushingFeb 17, 2009
By krushing Blank
Ok, so let me just start off by saying I am not regretting my pregnancy or anything like that. SH and I have wanted ...
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By BabySantana Blank
I'm 5 weeks along and in the process of making a doctors appointment. I am having constant light cramping., is this n...
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By jeannieward Blank
What does it mean when the doctor says he can feel the babies head at 33 weeks and I have already been in preterm labor?
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By Maxkddw69 Blank
When I last had my period early April, we had sex while on my period, protected, and he pulls out to finish. We also...
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By Racheltooyoung Blank
I lost my virginity and got a cramp that night and the next night I started bleeding. i never have bled like that on ...
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By jlhall Blank
If I'm due may 9 when did I get pregnant because I had a pd almost the end of July when I took the ring out and had a...
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ppr78Dec 31, 2011
CyrenaJun 21, 2009
kikicoates78Jun 16, 2009
kylesMom09Jun 16, 2009
By Cyrena Blank
I brought Brody to his pediatrician last week because he was very congested. After a nose swab was tested it was det...
1909968 tn?1322067512
By Kbiggs Blank
I was on the depo needle for years and recently stopped, the last needle I was supposed to get was in July. I recentl...
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By Saramastan Blank
hello i am 28 years old and understand that i am in 8th week pregnant! actually that's unwanted pregnancy and its my ...
593530 tn?1263851557
britbrit1987Jun 05, 2011
andrea630Feb 16, 2010
CyrenaFeb 15, 2009
ricky247Feb 13, 2009
kikicoates78Dec 05, 2008
By Cyrena Blank
I'm 15 weeks pregnant and have been taking 40mg once nightly injections of Lovenox into my abdomen. I've had minor b...
554628 tn?1362781519
By tarrah87 Blank
hey how are all of you ladies doing? its been so long since ive been able to talk to everyone, how are all the little...
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tarrah87Feb 25, 2011
JenLexJan 15, 2011
kylesMom09Oct 01, 2010
clairelou88Sep 29, 2010
kikicoates78Sep 29, 2010
By hkenny Blank
Wow do I ever miss this forum, now that I am on alot again and in a new forum I realized just how much you guys rocke...
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shorty979Nov 19, 2010
young_one_08Aug 22, 2008
radhika28Aug 07, 2008
By Abhilasha Blank
I had done sex with my wife before 2 days(26/6/08) of her MC(28/6/08). she got her menstrual timely. after that i hav...
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whiskey104Nov 10, 2010
sania19Nov 10, 2010
By iyappan Blank
my wif is on 13-14 th week of her pregenancy. We both want to have intercourse in these days, wouldu pls. advise whi...
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AnnieBrookeOct 28, 2010
By nikkeybug Blank
im 13 and havnt had my period yet but i have had white stuff coming out of my vagina for about more than 3 month an...
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