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Tips, input and support for those trying to conceive. For great information to help in your journey... there are 3 searches I recommend. "The Beautiful Cervix Project", "My Egg and Me" and "Deanna's Plan". Each of them are featured in the first 3 posts in this group! Good Luck & Baby dust to all!!

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This is a great website for anyone that is starting out TTC. It has loads of information for TTCr's and teaches you about how to track your ovulation....even goes as far as to give pictures of the cervical mucous!! Great info and a must ...
Heatherm4 | Last answer
Hi everyone!!! I hope you guys had a Merry Christmas.. I haven't been on here for almost a year.. we took a break. i recently went back to my doc who wants me to start leterzole my next cycle.. Has anyone had any succes!?!?!? whould lov...
MzBux | Last answer
Hello, I was hoping someone could take a look at my chart? It said I ovulated on day 13 but to me looking at my bbt it looks like I ovulated on day 12. can someone tell me there thoughts?
ruthns13 | Posted
About The Pregnancy: Trying to Conceive (TTC) Community: http://www.medhelp.org/forums/Pregnancy--Trying-to-Conceive-TTC-/show/225 If you've been trying to conceive (TTC) for less than one year, this patient support community is the...
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Hello everyone! My period is almost one week late. Yesterday (on the fifth day) I did a HPT and it was negative. My period was never late this much (I haven't had my period 36 days after the first day of my last cycle), so I decided to ...
Sagittarius | Last answer
i had my last period on the 2rd of Jan and my next one is due on the 30th of Jan i had sex on the 14th of Jan and i ovulate on the 16th of Jan. if you don't think I'm pregnant how is the best way to get pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!
tmommy1117 | Posted
I recently started bleeding 11 days early im not for sure if its my period or implantation bleeding. We have been trying to concieve for 3 months now. I have been keeping track of when i am ovulating and we tried during those times. I am...
be1989 | Last answer
Hi everyone, hope your all well, i was on this group a few years back when i was ttc baby #1. he is now four years old so on to ttc #2. :o) good luck to you all who are ttc hope we can give each other some support along the way. :o)
Puopci | Last answer
I have questions about implantation bleeding. I never got anyone’s opinion on this before. I know not everyone woman has it but I was wondering how much spotting is there? How long does it last? And isn’t it supposed to be a dark color l...
Nolta | Last answer
I have been taking fertil aid for about a month now and i experience hot flash, mood swings and an absent period. Has anyone here tried this product? I"ve heard that vitex took about 3 months to correct hormonal imbalance but i'm confuse...
evely | Posted
Question? My boobs are really sore, and i have felt really tired all day, if I did ovulate and get prgo, is it to early for these symptoms?It would just be like 5 or 6 days ago?
britt8934 | Last answer
Page 1 of 96 for: I am 34 years old and trying to have my second child. I have been trying for the last 4 months. This is my info my luteal phase is 14 days with a 26 day cycle for this last cycle I ovulated on the on the 7th of Aug. and...
Hopeprego | Last answer
Hi lady's I haven't been on med help for 3 years since my brake up with my ex. I'm engaged to a wonderful man and we been ttc. I never missed any of my periods and now im 8 going on 9 days late, I'm scared to take a test and it doesn't ...
Sexykeme78 | Last answer
Any kind of vitamins I can take while taking Provera and Clomid? I am Having periods like I am suppose to but not ovulating. this will be my last month on clomid because i have taken it this will be 3 mths on 150mg. so is there anything ...
britt8934 | Last answer
So yesterday, CD37, I took an Equate Early Response HPT and it was negative. I've taken two other tests prior, one on CD35 and CD28 and they were both negative as well. All with FMU HOWEVER, about a week ago, DH and I were BDing and I...
Lost_in_Love | Last answer
I seen a girl post about a ovulation app that she has on her phone where when she puts in her period dates it shows her the day she will be ovulating and all... needing something just to kinda help me out and all. I am not ovulating at a...
britt8934 | Last answer
Visit my blog and lets share with each other as i update you all about my journey ttc with pcos. http://infertilettcvers.blogspot.com
Dkalcey | Posted
So this post may be a bit tmi but i'm not sure where else to turn to. My cycles have been irregular since January 2012 and they can vary between 35 days and 56 days and i don't ovulate at the same point in my cycle each month. This cycle...
Amanda999 | Last answer
Hello, thanks to everyone taking the time to read. Well, I am 23, married and we don't have any kids. We have been together for 8 years now and my husband got his sperm tested he is fine, obviously I am the problem. I feel like a fai...
chulita90 | Last answer
Age 23 Dx: pcos all test came back normal(ultrasound and bloodtests) I tried 6 cycle of clomid and all fail. On the last cycle I went to do an ultrasound and it show that my eggs were of poor quality. Now my doctor has put me o...
Dkalcey | Posted
How long did it take you to concieve after going off the pill? my husband and i have been trying for 6 months with no luck i have been to the doctors and have a gynecologist appointment in 2 months time, i have been BBT charting but it l...
08Steph | Posted
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