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Okay so this started about the beginning of the year. And its gotten much worse. My symptoms are. Dizziness, nausea, cramps, hot flashes, cold flashes, lightheadedness, knees hurt, headaches almost daily, fatigue, tremors, weakness, and ...
Alanabanana98 | Last answer
Hello, Please help me get back to normalcy. I am 30 years male, pure vegan and Non alcoholic. Everything was ok until I discussed about my leg pain with One of my relatives, he asked me to check B12 and D3 levels, found both ...
Rudrak | Last answer
Hello all, first time posting in this forum. I've recently been diagnosed with low Vit D and B-12. This (the vit D low) was missed back in 2013, misdiagnosed as "depression".... so I know I've been low on Vit D since 2013. I've bee...
ms_sally1974 | Last answer
I've had MS since 1987 and been very lucky, haven't taken any Medes, had and episode about every 20 years which I was given 80 mg of Prednisone over a period of time which cured me, but I'm 72 years old now and had a severe episode, trie...
R1952 | Posted
Hi, My Vitamin D level was 16 ng in late May 2015. Doctor prescribed 50,000 IU Vitamin D2 which I took for 8 weeks. I was retested and my level was 24 ng. He wants me to continue on 50,000 IU Vitamin D2 for 3 months and be retested, b...
ginger518 | Last comment
My Vitamin D level was 23 and my doctor suggested taking 1000IU of Vitamin D a day. When he rechecked my levels my D level moved up to 30. He stated that he would like to see my levels higher, but oh well. After some reading, I increased...
islandsuze | Last comment
Hi, I one day out of no where (2 weeks ago) started feeling shortness of breath and having to yawn so much to get a full relief of fresh air. I started to get anxious and going into panic attacks because I couldn't feel a full relief of...
wifemomteacher | Last answer
My Vitamin d was 15 I was taking Vitamin d2,My levels went up to 68 , my question is why did my d3 drop from 15 to 8? Thank you
cute789 | Posted
I'm recovering from a Vitamin D deficiency. My levels (accordiong to my endo) were 16 (im assuming ng/ml).. I was supplementing with 6-8,000 IU of D3 daily. I was told that my serum levels have gotten up to 70, but unfortunately I'm stil...
mcc23 | Last answer
I've had this white band that appears only on my index and middle fingers for a few months now (see pic). Also, the lunula on all my fingernails is becoming misshaped and smaller and smaller and it's completely gone on a few fingernails....
whistler5 | Last answer
I'm a 31 male. All this for me started Oct 1st, it first started with a twitching (not tremor) right index finger, which stop after a couple of days but then my right hand started to become tight and painful, sometimes it was as if I cou...
HunterD | Last answer
I am 33 year old ...recently I have vitamin d deficiency at level 6.I had symptoms like anxiety,depression,severe insomnia,burning sensation hand,tremor,.now I am taking 60000iu per week d3 for 3rd week. Some of symptoms subside but now ...
Abusuban | Last answer
This is not a question but my .02 on vitamin D deficiency...I'm not sure where that other thread is but I hope to help someone with this message. I have body aches in my neck, back, numbness in my legs, hands, started sweating badly at ...
Bida44 | Last answer
I was extremely depressed for about 2 months. Since last 5 months I had shut myself in the room. There were days when i just could not sleep. After extreme fatigue, when I tested vitamin D it is 7.3. How should I go about it.
MOHANncv | Posted
Can a Vitamin D deficiency cause this much pain? Went to the doc for muscle pain & weakness with increasing shooting pains to the point of affecting everyday functioning. Blood test came back low in Vitamin D. Result was 11, (should be ...
pains47 | Last answer
I am thankful that I found these forums. I had been dealing with all of the usual symptoms that people talk about, specifically brain fog for almost 5 years (off and on) and twitching most recently, mostly in the ankle / lower calf area...
JJohns64 | Last answer
My vit d level is 45 ng / ml. Is side effects of vit d3 causes abdominal cramps, polydipsia, polyuria?
pong58 | Last answer
hi all i am 22 years old and have been feeling crazy nauseous for 3 years now i have had soo many blood tests and they are all clear endoscopy clear colonscopy clear i have problems with the bowels i get crazy constipation and recently i...
wisesagopa | Last answer
A study of postmenopausal women in Wisconsin found no beneficial effect on bone mineral density from giving vitamin D at low-dose (800 IU daily) or high-dose (800 IU daily plus 50,000 IU twice monthly) for 1 year, compared to placebo. Th...
gymdandee | Posted
I was diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency January 2014 and I was given 10,000iud fir a month to get my levels back up which they did initially. Since then I've been taking 1000iud daily but lately my symptoms have got worse again. My f...
Flakingout | Posted
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