Does weaning off of Norco/Vicodin work??
by tired5, Jan 07, 2008
I am new to all of this, I took Vicodin for a while for knee surgeries.  4 in 3 years.  I am completely fine now, I mean that I have no pain.  However, I do have a 10-12 pill a day Norco habit.  I have convinced myself many times that I can wean myself off of the meds.  Does this work.  I am thinking about getting some more to try and wean myself off.  I had 4 Vicodin this morning @ 730 and I have had nothing else all day except Motrin.  It is now 450am and I have been awake since 2am.  I feel restless as hell, I can not relax.  I am scared.  I don't know if I can do this.  Can I wean myself, does cold turkey work better.  I have children to take care of, I go to school part time, I need to be available during the day.  Please help I am feeling so helpless and tired.  I am also on Wellbutrin for adult ADD.  However, it is not helping with the quitting of the painkillers.  Thank you for any help that you can offer.
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by allaboutmary, Jan 07, 2008
You can taper off , but it takes alot of self control. There should be others that will reply with some good taper plans.  I am a cold turkey girl.  If you decide to go cold turkey. You will feel like you have a very bad flu for about 5 days. Keep reading and posting on this forum. We all have the same problem so you are not alone. We will be here to help you thorugh this.   Mary
by GoingToMakeIt, Jan 07, 2008
Welcome! Tapering is possible if you have the self control to do it.
May I suggest you post this over on the Substance Abuse Forum.
This forum is much slower than the other one and is for general discussions. Near the top there is a link in blue.
by 1eagle, Jan 08, 2008
I think that ct is the best route to take - but you are in a different situation. IF you have to be as resposible as you indicate you might want to investigate sub - I dont think much of the methadone route.
by mr.lucky66, Jan 08, 2008
It usually doesn't work but it can. Once someone responsible doled me out weening doses of hydro pills and from what I remember it worked. The person has to be a good strong character and it was my mother.
by MIKI23, Nov 23, 2008
I have been taking one to two norco/day since July for a rotator cuff tear. I went cold turkey back in October for four days, got a little sick, but nothing too intense (of course, I take an extremely low dose). This time I have tapered down to 1 per day and was contemplating cannibus. My brother said it worked wonders for him after he was hooked on Vics after shoulder surgery. Does anyone else have any thoughts or experiences on this?
by NautyOne, Nov 24, 2008
I did a long taper, and looking back I wish I had just gone cold was a slow painful sick.  lost a lot of weight.  Tapering can be done, but like I my experience, it just lessens the withdrawal, but it was miserable.  I wish now I had just suffered the week or so, rather than dragging in out for months.......It worked, but I wouldn't do it again.

Just depends on how bad you want it.

by hunta1420, Feb 17, 2010
Ive been taking 40-60 miligrams of vicoden for about 6 months now and need to quit soon.  It costs too much and i dont get the same buzz as before.  I have 8 500's left and was going to take 2 a day for 4 days, will this lessen the withdrawl?