Can you get high on methadone?
by MaraDnB, Jun 21, 2008
If you slip up and relapse while you are on the program, wont it make you deathly ill?  My friend said he would always get high on methadone, but that it was a waste of money... i need the honest truth... im scared for my life guys.. help me!
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by GoingToMakeIt, Jun 21, 2008
The honest truth can hurt. Methadone in y opinion is a highly dangerous substance. It is horrible to get off of. Some people have abused it to get high. My concern about they way you are questioning is that you have not truly committed yourself to getting clean. I may be reading between the lines, but that is way I see. It takes 110% mental attitude to be successful. I can't remember what you were on, but methadone or even sub should be used as a last resort after you have tried other means to get yourself clean. This again is my opinion.

"When your desire to get clean, is stronger than your desire to use. Then, you will get clean"
by sadinmichigan, Jun 21, 2008
I personally never got "high" on methadone..all it did for me was keep the w/ds away..and no...many people get their methadone and get high with the other things they were taking..not a good idea..Methadone is one of the most horrible w/ds you will ever have..I don't care what dose your on..
by worried878, Jun 21, 2008
methdaone is also an abused drug to get yes u can get is a stong narcotic...suboxone can make u high as well in the right dose....ur plan should be to use a minimum and not to get high off of it if this is the route u choose
by ladyboop, Jun 21, 2008
Methadone can be abused! I do not think methadone is the way to go for a pill addiction. I have used methadone twice. The 1st time it worked for me. I was not on it long. The 2nd go around was a nightmare. I was one it 6months. I thought it was going to kill me getting off of it. The w/d's are like nothing I have ever had.
Alot of people say they get hight off of it. It never did that to me. In fact by 4 or 5pm, I was ready for bed. I could not keep my eyes open. I could not live my life on that stuff. I would sleep alot... Not even good sleep. Sleep 2 or 3 hours, then up an hour or 2, then sleep a few more hours... it was a nightmare for me...
I hope you try and find another way to detox. But if you do use the methadone. Please do not stay on it long.. Use it for a quick detox, 4 or 5 weeks tops....

  Good Luck,
by MaraDnB, Jun 21, 2008
the problem is i am a heroin addict and im perscribed the Klonopins i take... they want me to at least be on the program for at least six months... i really feel that that is all i need.... i dont want long term maintence.... belive me.. i know people abuse it.. but i want to stop putting needles in my arm and if methadone will help me do that... then I am all for it
by avisg, Jun 21, 2008
You are still going to go threw horrible withdrawal even if you only take it for 6 months . The thing that will really help get and keep you clean is support ,meetings ,counseling methadone is not a fix all and it comes with its own set of big  problems.
by sadinmichigan, Jun 21, 2008
I was up to 70 mg..and did not get I don't know what dose would make you high..I'm sure it is possible..
by kaitlynjude, Feb 18, 2010
subutex is much better I was on 180 maintance and wanted to die when I went off seriously consider subutex or suboxone or a quick five day meth detox in a rehab center meth gets some people high but not real addicts
by Lakesy, Feb 19, 2010
It depends y u r takin it?? If u have a heroin habbit it is used to stableize u, and stop withdrawals it fills up the reseptors in ur brain so u can't get the same high from the heroin, but if u don't have an problem u MUST  b carefull how much u take because the smallest amont of meth will kill u!!! U need to  explain more?? R u on a program 4 gear how much meth r u takin?? and wat r u slipping up with??? Pls get bac to me as I'm very worried about u!!!!!!!!!!!